WeWork Co-Founder Miguel McKelvey Ventures into Fashion, Senior Centers

WeWork Co-Founder Miguel McKelvey Ventures into Fashion, Senior Centers

Three years after his departure from WeWork Inc., Miguel McKelvey, the other founder of the company, is utilizing his earnings to support a diverse range of business interests. From sneaker ventures to establishing a social center for seniors, McKelvey is now seeking to leverage his controlling stake in the renowned clothing manufacturer American Giant into an ambitious plan to revitalize manufacturing in the United States.

In a deal that went unreported until now, McKelvey invested $10 million last year to acquire a controlling stake in American Giant, an apparel brand known for its “the greatest hoodie ever made” that is proudly manufactured in the USA. This ownership of the fashion brand serves as a pivotal component of his larger vision for his life after WeWork. McKelvey aims to breathe new life into American factories and reestablish them as significant drivers of the economy.

American Giant gained widespread recognition in 2012 for its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, particularly with its sweatshirt offering. Miguel McKelvey, recognizing the potential of the brand and its commitment to domestic production, seized the opportunity to invest and steer the company toward his ambitious goals.

With his newfound role as a major stakeholder in American Giant, McKelvey intends to reinvigorate US manufacturing, which has experienced a significant decline in recent decades. He envisions the revitalization of factories across the country, promoting job growth and economic development. By infusing capital and expertise, he hopes to revive the sector and create a positive ripple effect throughout the American economy.

While the mission may appear quixotic to some, McKelvey remains undeterred, confident in his ability to drive change and make a tangible impact. With his entrepreneurial spirit and experience in co-founding WeWork, he brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to his latest endeavor. By combining his passion for revitalizing US manufacturing with the innovative and forward-thinking approach that defined his tenure at WeWork, McKelvey aims to usher in a new era of American-made products.

Beyond his investment in American Giant, McKelvey has also ventured into other business interests, demonstrating his wide-ranging entrepreneurial pursuits. From sneakers to a social center for seniors, his diverse portfolio reflects his desire to explore and support ventures that have the potential to make a positive difference.

As McKelvey forges ahead with his plans to revive US manufacturing, industry experts eagerly observe how his vision and investment in American Giant will unfold. The outcome could not only shape the future of the apparel industry but also have far-reaching implications for the broader American manufacturing landscape.

With Miguel McKelvey at the helm, the revival of American factories and the resurgence of domestic manufacturing may be closer than ever before. His determined efforts to support American businesses and create economic opportunities speak to the spirit of innovation and resilience that has come to define entrepreneurs like him.

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