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For Days Launches Stylish Zero Waste, Closed-Loop Clothing in LA

With the massive amount of waste they make on a daily basis, it’s no secret that businesses should be the first ones to embrace sustainability in order for all of us to see some significant change. One factory will make a bigger impact than a singular household, so if we’re after immediate results, corporations should be pushed to do their part. The good thing is, aside from existing companies tweaking ...

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Tips to Travel Light For Holiday Trips

It’s not always easy to pick the right clothes to wear when you’re traveling on your vacation. Some part of your mind wishes that you can just bring your entire closet. Some people even do try this approach, which is why they’re stressed when traveling due to the numerous pieces of luggage they need to bring. But you can just pack lightweight clothes instead, and you can have a few ...

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5 Cool Ways to Wear a Hoodie

In the not so distant past, hoodies were the de facto uniforms of would-be bad guys. They were meant to disguise you and keep others from recognizing you too easily, so muggers and robbers loved them. Nowadays, though, hoodies can be cool additions to your men’s wardrobe. You just have to know how to wear them right so that people won’t worry when they see you on the streets. 1. ...

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How To Dress Like a Tech Titan

In the world of tech founders and executives, a general disdain for attention to one’s daily wardrobe comes from a desire to maximize efficiency and clear the mind for more important cognitive processing. The thinking is such that eliminating major choices from the daily routine, like what to put on in the morning, frees up the mind to focus on more important work-related decisions. With the likes of Steve Jobs ...

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8 Best Places to Visit for LA Vintage Shopping

It’s no secret that you can satisfy your craving for vintage fashion if you’re in LA. But where exactly do you go? While there’s no shortage of shops that offer vintage wares, here are the places you should visit first: 1. Scout If you’ve got the budget for high-end vintage fashion, then Scout has the goods you’re looking for. Scout is the ultimate trendsetter, as its pieces influence the influencers ...

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Ultra Comfy Hoodie Made in LA by Former Art Director at Macy’s

Los Angeles is one of the biggest apparel manufacturing hubs in the United States, its where some of the coolest under-the-radar clothing is created (like Carbon38, Clare V, BackBeat Rags, The Great). Colby Kane the inventor of the Aviator Hoodie Collection, is a designer and art director who moved to Los Angeles, California from New York City, New York in search of a better work-life balance. During his search, he ...

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Super Versatile Swimwear Designed by Surfer, Nadja de Col

Necessity is the mother of invention – and Nalla is certainly proof of it! Nadja de Col, a Peruvian designer and surfer, was inspired to create it when her bikini bottom was ripped off from her while she was surfing in Hawaii. She then created a versatile swimwear that can be twisted, knotted and arranged in different configurations – the Nalla.   Basically, Nalla is a single cut of stitch-less ...

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Comfy Organic T-shirts Designed by Local Artists in Playa del Rey

Clean {aesthetic}, the manufacturer of Clean {tee} shirt, began as an entrepreneurial venture of two art school graduates who printed T-shirts in their distinctive style in their kitchen. Over the years, the duo grew their venture into a business with its own brick-and-mortar store and gallery in Playa del Rey, California. Today, it’s a popular place for locals and tourists alike to browse and buy colorful artworks and basic shirts. ...

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