Fritzi Coop, Fried Chicken Sandwich Done Right

Fritzi Coop, Fried Chicken Sandwich Done Right

If you’re heading to the Original Farmers Market this weekend, stop by Fritzi Coop for a bite.  As the name suggests, Fritzi Coop is a chicken-centric diner. It has a sit-down eatery in Downtown LA, but the Original Farmers Market location is only a stall so you’d need to find nearby tables to chow down on some of what a lot of experts say is surprisingly good chicken. Despite its small operation in this location, it offers juicy and tasty chicken dishes that will definitely fill you up and make you want to come back for more. While the people behind Fritzi Coop are known to offer great food, the location can really cast some doubts on their offering, so it’s definitely a great thing that they’re able to wow critics.


What to order:

  1. Classic Sandwich – Triple battered Buttermilk Fried Chicken, with house-made pimento cheese, lettuce, tomato, sliced pickles
  2. Stinger Sandwich – Classic Fried Chicken with Buffalo sauce and blue cheese dressed greens
  3. Memphis Sandwich (go spicy) – Classic Fried Chicken with serious Memphis heat, spicy slaw, sliced pickles
  4. Red Rooster Sandwich – Grilled chicken breast, topped with a Sriracha lime aioli and Fresno pepper coleslaw
  5. Curly Fries – Classic style curly fries is a must-try side

Location (FARMER Market): 6333 W 3rd St Stall 742 Los Angeles, CA 90036 Phone (323) 936-9436

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