23 Best Bars To Network in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA)

Downtown Los Angeles’ restaurant scene is getting all the buzz right now.  Not only are there some of the best restaurants located in the area, but it's also one of the best spots in town to throw back a few cocktails. It comes with different options too, like museums, shows, and views of the skyline at night. What makes Downtown stand out from other locations is in the plethora of ...

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EkoEats, a Korean-Inspired Cafe Serving Up Delicious Vegan Ramen in DTLA

In the heart of Los Angeles’ downtown financial district lies a cozy Korean inspired restaurant called Eko Eats and people are very pleased. It is the passion project of Chef Judy Han, who is also the sole owner of the place, as she intends to offer not only delicious but healthy and practical Korean food for everyone to enjoy. Address: 630 W 6th St Ste 110b Los Angeles, CA 90017 ...

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Little Sister, a Funky Vietnamese Bistro, Serving Euro-Accented Asian Eats And Craft Beers

Manhattan Beach’s Little Sister location has been quite a hit that when it was announced to open in Downtown LA, fans rejoiced. When it actually opened and served breakfast, it gained even more popularity. As it primarily offers comfort food, it really makes a case for starting your day with comforting dishes that will set your day back on track if it didn’t get off on the right foot. Fans ...

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Top 6 Best Quiet Coffee Shops For Work And Meeting in Los Angeles

These days, business men and women are utilizing coffee shops for work more and more. Whether you're working remotely or looking for a fresh place to meet a client, here are 6 coffee shops for work and meetings if you're working in the LA area. Verve Coffee Roasters - West Hollywood https://www.instagram.com/p/BkkzGAbAsrZ/ “Verve: the spirit and enthusiasm surrounding the creation of art,” goes to show their mission of not only ...

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Fritzi Coop, Fried Chicken Sandwich Done Right

If you're heading to the Original Farmers Market this weekend, stop by Fritzi Coop for a bite.  As the name suggests, Fritzi Coop is a chicken-centric diner. It has a sit-down eatery in Downtown LA, but the Original Farmers Market location is only a stall so you’d need to find nearby tables to chow down on some of what a lot of experts say is surprisingly good chicken. Despite its small operation in this ...

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Delicious Duck-Fat Fries + Bacon Grilled Cheese at BeerBelly in LA’s Korea Town

Beer Belly may just be what you can consider as the owners Jimmy and Yume Han’s first child as it is what they worked on together as newlyweds in 2011. Instead of battling it out raising an offspring, they made a gamble and opened the first craft beer bars in Koreatown, effectively establishing its role in the rise of craft beer in the area. Today, it’s still one of the ...

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Indian gastropub Badmaash Serves Up Amazing Street Eats, Burgers & Beers in DTLA

With flavors so striking and rich, restaurants featuring Indian cuisine hardly ever need any gimmicks to stand out and attract diners. However, there’s also a significant lack of young and hip Indian restaurants in LA that when Badmaash opened in 2013, they became an excellent alternative to buffets and traditional eateries in the city. Right from the moment you step inside, its industrial theme peppered with Bollywood movie posters while ...

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5 Delicious Acai Bowls To Order At Backyard Bowls LA

Los Angeles is no stranger to hip, trendy, and healthy eateries that try their best to offer something new and make a difference at the same time. Backyard Bowls or BYB is one of these places with a goal of providing food that’s just better in all aspects. Not only do they offer healthier options for diners using organic ingredients, but they’re also committed to creating a more conscientious business ...

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