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12 Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich Destinations in Los Angeles

Two pieces of bread, and a couple of slices of cheese. They’re not exactly the most exciting and the tastiest pieces of food in the world. But my god they do complement each other perfectly. Now that we have the two main ingredients of this ultra-tasty, yet unbelievably simple recipe. We only need one more thing. The grill! You see, grilling your cheese sandwich produces a Maillard reaction, which activates ...

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11 Best Restaurants in Westwood for Lunch

Westwood may not exactly be a foodie hotspot but if you’ve never tried eating at a local eatery, you might just be missing out. Thanks to its university town character, there are tons of options available. What’s even better is the fact that there are tons of very affordable and food-to-go options. So if you’re in the area and hankering for something different without hurting your budget, here are some ...

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13 Best Restaurants To Eat On a Startup Budget in LA

With all the Hollywood glamor in LA, it’s not surprising that there are plenty of great restaurants in the city for the movers and shakers. But what about for the rest of us, who don’t have the millions per episode or movie? Or, the million dollars in funding from a VC? The truth is that LA does have great restaurants who don’t charge outlandish prices. You only need to find ...

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Fritzi Coop, Fried Chicken Sandwich Done Right

If you're heading to the Original Farmers Market this weekend, stop by Fritzi Coop for a bite.  As the name suggests, Fritzi Coop is a chicken-centric diner. It has a sit-down eatery in Downtown LA, but the Original Farmers Market location is only a stall so you’d need to find nearby tables to chow down on some of what a lot of experts say is surprisingly good chicken. Despite its small operation in this ...

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BCN: A Stylish-Yet-Casual Spot for Spanish Street Food in The Heart of West Hollywood

Named after the airport code of the city of Barcelona where the street food inspired their offerings, BCN is one of the few sandwich joints in West Hollywood. This fast-casual eatery features Catalan cuisine.  Their menu is mostly comprised of “bikinis” a.k.a. pressed sandwiches, “bocatas” a.k.a. baguette sandwiches, and “coques” or stone-baked flatbreads. The fillings make the difference as they’re mixing Spanish and Californian ingredients to create a truly unique ...

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