Thursday, August 18, 2022

DroneBase Provides Professional Drone Services Via a Highly Qualified Network of Commercial Drone Pilots


Now that drones have been freed from exclusive military use, civilians can now enjoy the many benefits that drones can provide. Real estate professionals have realized this quickly, as photographs and videos taken by drones provide a dramatic point of view that can make any property much more alluring. These drones can also provide a great bird’s eye view of an entire neighborhood where a prospective home is located.

Drones can enable construction companies to monitor the progress at various work sites. Telecom companies use these drones for amazingly quick and cheap tower inspections. Homeowners can also use drones for roof inspections and to take images to support an insurance claim.

The trouble is that buying a drone can be expensive if you’re just going to use it a few times. Not everyone knows how to fly drones properly and to take good photos and videos with it. However, there’s now the Drone Base option.

Drone Base provides a service that includes the use of their drones and their piloting and imaging skills. The service can just do everything for you so you just get the results without having to suffer through the hassle of procuring and operating drones. Drone Base hosts your image files, which you can always view, download, or share at any time.

The Drone Base service is highly regarded, as their pricing is quite affordable. Their range of services can be tailored to fit your precise needs. You can schedule them to fly a drone over your home or worksite, and you can get most of your aerial photos and videos in just 2 business days.

So if you need photos and videos taken by a drone, just let the pros at Drone Base handle it. It’s easier, faster, and cheaper than doing it yourself, and you get better photos and videos in the end.

Automation is one of the 9 biggest tech trends at the moment, and drone is a part of that by leveraging AI and automation.

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