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How Not To Be The Village Idiot, Password-wise

With the plethora of websites (social media, e-commerce, subscriptions) for which you probably have accounts, there’s simply no easy ways to remember every single password without duplicating passwords or resorting to some sort of pattern. With the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to name a few, every Netizen has numerous password used in logging in to his or her accounts. But with so many passwords to remember, many use the same passwords or derivatives ...

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6 Key Metrics Every Startup Must Track

Will your startup succeed? These 6 metrics can give you a clue and they can help you address potential weaknesses to minimize the risk of failure. It’s safe to say that startup founders are an optimistic bunch, but the harsh reality is that their optimism is often unfounded. In fact, 8 out of 10 businesses fail. So with the odds against you right from the start, you need an honest ...

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4 Simple Solutions For Greater Customer Satisfaction

Before you lose your cool when your client rejects your work, consider more level-headed solutions for greater customer satisfaction. The customer is always right, right? The problem is that no one’s perfect, and that includes you too. So at some point in your professional life, you’re probably going to encounter a client who doesn’t approve of the work you’ve done. Having an unsatisfied customer or client is unfortunately not a ...

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An Engineer's Guide to Picking The Right Startup To Join

Many engineers are lured by the growth potential of joining a startup. Not only will you get exciting and innovative projects to work on but you can also have the opportunity to create a trail-blazing product with high impact. Working for a great startup can give you tremendous satisfaction and accelerate your career but joining a bad one can lead to burnout, frustration, and disenchantment. Over the course of your ...

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10 Common Pantry Foods with Healing Powers

In your pantry, you’ll find natural food remedies among your usual grocery items. From hiccups to heartburn, here are the pantry foods that can help When you have minor ailments, it’s often a choice between going to the doctor (paying atrocious medical bills along the way) and enduring the discomfort. But there’s a third choice—just look in your pantry for food remedies that can surprisingly help. Broccoli - Do you ...

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20 Steps You Need to Take to Get Your Startup Off the Ground

You don’t need to take too many months to prepare if you’re really determined to start a business. Instead, you can complete these steps in a few days. When you’re pondering the prospect of starting your own business, it’s easy to get lost in the myriad details of the process. You can end up spending too many months preparing, and during this time you might even hesitate and lose your ...

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5 Technology Trends Startup Should Follow Right Now

Technology trends come and go, depending on the current landscape of the business world. It’s best if you can come in on these trends to get ahead of your competitors so that you can reap the benefits. If you’re lagging behind, you better catch on quick to at least keep up. So which tech trends are important? For 2019, these are the trends to note: 1 Using Facebook Messenger for ...

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A 30-Point Checklist for Your Startup

It will come as no surprise to learn that the majority of new startups (small businesses) fail. In many cases, new companies don’t fail - the people behind them give up; especially tech startups. The single most effective thing you can do to make your startup a success? Refuse to throw in the towel. Everybody seems wants to do a startup these days. But before you’re dazzled by the prospects ...

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How the Stock Market Affects the Job Market

The recent stock market plummet has sent many people into wondering if the job market will follow suit, affecting their careers and livelihoods. The good news is, even though the health of the stock market does have an impact on the job market, it’s often not a one-to-one correlation. The Stock Market As an Indicator of Shareholder Confidence The stock market reflects not only the strength of the economy at ...

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Blockchain: Trust Is Not A Binary Option

Trust doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing proposition when it comes to Blockchain Blockchain's primary value proposition is decentralization, the idea that the "truth" can be validated without 3rd party intervention in a trustless environment.  As technology has proliferated over the last several years, we have seen the infrastructure incorporate many different types of protocols: Public  - Fully open blockchains with no barrier to participating (eg, Bitcoin, Ethereum) Permission - ...

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