Social Media Trends: 7 Important Things to Watch for in 2021

Social Media trends in 2021 will be finding balance across the platform. Brands, both Enterprises and small businesses alike, must extend their reach using the public feed while taking to private channels to focus on one-to-one engagement and deeper relationships with their customers. With more than five billion smartphone users worldwide (both on iOS and Android), it isn’t surprising that the majority of them are regular users of social media;...

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Designers: Ideas To Making Great Product Design

Designers are people who aim to create methods and solutions for their customers. However, designers can’t create an effective and elegant system if they base it on theory alone.  In order to create the best customer experience, a designer must create a system that can do the heavy lifting for their customers. But this is easier said than done. Traditionally, designers are isolated and out of touch. They may be...

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How the Stock Market Affects the Job Market

The recent stock market plummet has sent many people into wondering if the job market will follow suit, affecting their careers and livelihoods. The good news is, even though the health of the stock market does have an impact on the job market, it’s often not a one-to-one correlation. The Stock Market As an Indicator of Shareholder Confidence The stock market reflects not only the strength of the economy at...

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