An Interview With Global Learning XPRIZE Finalist, Pubbly

Recently, LA Startups had the opportunity to sit down with Josh Powe, the lead advisor for Pubbly, a division of Curriculum Concepts International (CCI), to discuss how the Pubbly team put to work its $1 million Global Learning XPRIZE award and what its plans are for the future. First a bit of background; Pubbly is a digital learning platform startup whose mission is to improve access to education through innovative...

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In Conversation With U-Nest CEO, Founder, Ksenia Yudina

The cost of higher education continues to skyrocket and student debt has swelled to $1.6 trillion. One innovative North Hollywood-based startup is addressing the root of the issue. Saving for college should be at the forefront of any financial plan, even though it takes years to achieve goals.  Ksenia Yudina, CEO We interviewed Ksenia Yudina, Founder | CEO U-Nest about how she took the complex process...

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How To Determine If You’re Working With A Reputable Recruiter

Over the last decade, recruiters have received a bad rep. That fact has made the process of finding a good recruiter increasingly difficult. Much of that is due to bad operators who hire inexperienced talent and then throw them into the fire without proper training in not only the processes and relationships but also the ethics and morality.  There’s a lot at stake when a job candidate works with a...

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20 Top Reasons to Fire Your Co-Founder

Co-founders, business partner, or founding team of a company can be fired, and even the late great Steve Jobs found that out when he was booted from Apple. He did manage to return, but that doesn’t change the fact that a co-founder can be fired. The cliche is that a co-founder relationship is like a marriage. And, just like with romantic dating, your best bet is to get them to...

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12 Top Organizations Supporting Women In Tech

While many organizations in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) industry are providing their female employees with female-centric professional development training and mentoring programs, many women in tech still report feelings of isolation and exclusion in the workplace. In some cases, being in a male-dominated environment also resulted in feelings of alienation. Fortunately, women in tech have plenty of online communities and resources to alleviate their feelings of isolation,...

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Understanding How Stereotypes Negatively Impact Autistic Talent

Imagine being on the autism spectrum and entering into a job interview where you know that up to 90% of people like you are unemployed or under-employed. What does this do to your confidence? How would you work to disguise your autism during the interview? What stereotypes might exist among your potential co-workers or the person interviewing you? For many, these are impossible odds that can cause stress and a...

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Guide To Becoming a Top Graphic Designer in 2020

A company's communication (branding, imagery, packaging, etc) lies at the heart of a graphic designer. While your duties may involve extensive work with images, unlike artists they do not produce “art for art’s sake.” A graphic designer must get across a specific message and call-to-action or emotion based on the company's objectives. For instance, a graphic designer may be tasked with creating a brand or logo that makes a lasting...

Read more Partners with auticon to Help Foster Neurodiversity and Inclusion in Tech Companies in Los Angeles

We are excited to announce our newest partnership with auticon, a company that provides technology services through a team of highly-skilled software developers, data analysts, QA automation engineers and more with a hybrid onsite and offsite work model. auticon is also a social enterprise which employs adults who are on the autism spectrum. At, we strive to cover the culture of startups and technology companies- especially when it comes...

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Casey Neistat Moving To Los Angeles

YouTube star, Casey Neistat announced via his vlog today he is moving to LA this coming July. Dropped $3.7 million in cash for his contemporary mini-compound in Venice Beach (HERE). Congrats on baby girl #2 and the move to LA. We're super excited to have you hangin' with us in LA. See you around Abbot Kinney Blvd.  Here are a few Things To Do in Venice Beach.  

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