CVS Slashes Prices on Menstrual Products in Response to Tax Criticism

In response to criticism over the high prices of menstrual products, CVS has slashed the prices of its store-branded menstrual products by 25%. The move will affect the company’s tampons, pads, liners, and cups, and is intended to address the perception that such items are treated as luxuries rather than necessities. CVS has also begun paying sales taxes for customers on period products in 12 states.

California isn’t on the list because of a state law that forbids third parties from collecting taxes for consumers.

A number of other retailers have followed CVS’s lead in recent months, with some offering discounts and others eliminating sales taxes altogether. However, menstrual products are still subject to a “tampon tax” in many states.

This is a welcome move for women who have long been paying higher prices for menstrual products. It is hoped that other retailers will follow suit and that this will help to break down the stigma around menstruation. Thank you, CVS, for taking this important step!

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