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Hart Launches a Real Time Healthcare Data Platform as a Service

As most industries start to migrate their IT infrastructure to cloud systems for interoperability and accessibility, it can be expected that healthcare facilities and organizations will do the same as well. It’s just that they have more nuanced requirements for the technology they need as there are many delicate areas that their work will touch on. Specialized services like what Hart.com offers a way for healthcare providers to take advantage ...

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Frame Launches Mental Health Marketplace to Connect You to The Perfect Therapist

Finding the right therapist is a very tricky task that can be a huge hurdle for those who are already struggling. Frame Therapy aims to get you through that phase without a hitch. Many people fail to get what they need from therapy sessions because the professional they turned to is not the right fit for them. When the connection and trust are just not there, progress can be hard ...

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Carity Launches a Mental Health Platform for the Modern Day User

A new mental health app is now available just as the country struggles with a myriad of mental health issues while in quarantine. Founders Drew Katnik and Ray Truong are launching Carity, an app for people living with the challenges of mental health issues. Features include groups and resources organized by specific issues, realtime connection with other users, and access to licensed therapists. Carity is coming at a time when ...

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How To Pick the Right Kind of Yoga Class for Your Mood

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the way we live our lives, as well as our social interactions and workout regimens. In the case of workout programs, ease of access has been and continues to be the primary issue. With gyms and fitness studios temporarily shuttered for safety reasons, workout classes are now done in online platforms. Zoom, YouTube, and Facebook live streaming are among the popular options for a wide ...

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15 Superfoods That Will Boost Your Mood & Energy

For some people, eating anything is a great idea whenever they feel down and depressed. That problem with such an approach is that it can turn you into an overweight mess. You may end up gaining too many pounds that your health suffers, and ill health often leads to bad moods. It’s a vicious circle. But there are food options you can go with that are especially effective in uplifting your mood. ...

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Simple Daily Self-Care Routine to Nurture Your Body and Soul

Self-is is more than just about doing yoga and going to the spa. Here are the best ways on how to feel rejuvenated and fresh to meet each new challenge in your life.  Taking care of yourself doesn’t just require a proper diet, healthy exercise, and enough sleep. It’s not just about the body. It’s also about the mind and the soul. This holistic approach to self-care is crucial if ...

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8 Ways to Recalibrate the Body to Boost Energy

With daily CDC reports updates on the COVID-19 pandemic, uncertainties still remain on what life will look like and be like once stay at home and shelter in place orders are lifted. Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in us. Learning to cope with stress will make you, the people you care about, and your community thrive together better. Ask yourself a few ...

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Test and Treat UTIs From Your Smartphone With Scanwell

When you really think of it, certain medical tests can be significantly simplified with the right technology. If people can learn right away whether they’re pregnant by just peeing on a stick, why can’t they find out if they have an infection by doing the same thing? Well, now you can do exactly that with Scanwell Health. This digital healthcare company offers at-home urinalysis testing so you can find out ...

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From The Trenches: Interview with Shai Rambod, CEO at MyChon, a 23andMe for Cellular Health

For the better part of the last decade, through the rise of wearable devices, genetic testing, and data-driven technologies, individuals now have more information than ever about their own health, encouraging health education and literacy. This can translate to better decision making and ultimately improved well-being. Health startups are at the forefront of developing innovative solutions for promoting measurable lifestyle actions that correlate how lifestyle, diet and nutrition choices affect ...

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Common Germs Found at the Gym

Sometimes, getting to the gym is already difficult enough. That’s why when you’re in the facilities, the last thing in your mind should be the possible germs you might get. It’s proven by a survey that tested out 1,000 gym-goers that their biggest pet peeves are the sanitary practices of these locations. For example, more than 50% of these respondents say that people who went to the bathrooms didn’t wash ...

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Pearl Launch New Wave of AI-Powered Dentistry Tools

If there’s one industry that has greatly benefitted from the advances in recent years’ technology, it would be healthcare. Automating various processes, from medical procedures to administrative tasks helped the trade more efficient, advanced, and capable of making breakthroughs that lead to improving people’s lives. However, there’s still so much room for progress, especially in the field of dental care and that’s what Pearl wishes to explore. The main idea ...

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5 Proven Tips To Sleep Better at Night

Getting proper sleep at night is one of the most important ways of maintaining your health. It’s right up there with a proper diet and regular exercise in terms of importance to your health. However, plenty of people aren’t getting the right kind of sleep to keep themselves healthy. That’s especially true in the US. According to the CDC, 1 out of 3 adults in the country doesn’t get at ...

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9 Lifestyle Changes to Help Prevent Migraines And Headaches

Suffering from either migraine headaches or tension headaches on a regular basis, you’re certainly not alone. The American Migraine Foundation estimates that more than 36 million Americans get them, women 3 times more often than men. Most people start having migraine headaches between ages 10 and 40. But many women find that their migraines improve or disappear after age 50. They generally last between 4 and 72 hours. Make these ...

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5 Simple Habits to Grow a Positive Attitude at Work

A positive mindset makes life (and work) a lot easier. You can cultivate this positive outlook through 5 ways you can practice every day. Have you ever noticed that when you’re feeling optimistic and positive, challenges seem to be easier to face and problems are more easily solved? In contrast, when you’re glum or tense, you tend to get tired a lot more easily and problems seem more insurmountable. So ...

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10 Common Foods With Healing Powers in Your Fridge or Pantry

In your pantry, you’ll find natural food remedies among your usual grocery items. From hiccups to heartburn, here are the pantry foods that can help When you have minor ailments, it’s often a choice between going to the doctor (paying atrocious medical bills along the way) and enduring the discomfort. But there’s a third choice—just look in your pantry for food remedies that can surprisingly help. Broccoli - Do you ...

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How To Choose High Energy Food That Fuel Your Body For Peak Performance

You need food and hydration to fuel your body and achieve peak performance when doing outdoor activities like cycling, running, hiking, and swimming. The best way to fuel your body would be to consume energy foods and energy drinks. These have numerous advantages: easy digestibility, a long shelf life, and they are also easy to bring. Here are the things that you need to look for in an energy food ...

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6 Things Employers Need to Know About Mental Health at Work

Mental health in the workplace is a touchy subject even though it shouldn’t be. If you’re quite clueless about the basics, here are six things that you should know about it. How many years has it been since the World Health Organization declared that mental health problems are classified as serious illnesses? It has been a while, for sure, but it can’t be denied that the diseases under this category ...

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