Former Dreamwork Animator Published Beautiful Coffee Table Comic Books

Former Dreamwork Animator Published Beautiful Coffee Table Comic Books

Jason Brunaker is an up-and-coming graphic artist who has self-published remind: Volume 2. He has also self-published reMIND: Volume 2, a decision borne of his realization that self-publication gives him the freedom to make important decisions about his books. He can make his books the way he wants them to feel and look, as well as reprint them whenever he wants and focus on his priorities.

reMIND: Volume 2 is designed to appeal to all ages, especially to fans of graphic novels. It’s rendered in vivid and vibrant full color, as well as hardbound, numbered and signed by the author himself. It’s definitely a desirable collector’s item.

As a graphic novel, reMIND is a science fiction take on underwater lizard-men, faith, and brain transplants.  Volume 2 is obviously a continuation of Volume 1. The latter contains Chapters 1 to 3 while the former has Chapters 4 to 7.

Both the first and second volumes have a blistering pace to its storyline, deliver beautiful artwork, and provide interesting character development. In Volume 2, readers see beyond human and lizard civilizations so that something greater is revealed. Readers are also taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions brought by the depths of deceit among lizards, as well as the truths behind religions as we know them today.

The overall story itself is fun so there’s no need to worry about too intellectual discussions about mice and men. There’s still the religious undertone as the main plot element but Brubaker doesn’t become too preachy with it.

The book itself is a great coffee table book with its beautiful binding and embossed cloth spines complemented by high-gloss covers. Every page is made of heavy glossy stock and printed in full color with fine line work, rich blacks, and crisp gradients. The slipcase features an elegant tone-on-tone print with ultraviolet ink lettering.

Jason has started his next Kickstarter project for SITHRAH 4: The Deep. This is the fourth installment of the beautiful hardcover comic series by Jason Brubaker.

Check out his Kickstarter project page here.

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