Beauty Counter Creates Safer And Effective Skin Care & Cosmetics For Women

BeautyCounter Creates Safer And Effective Skin Care & Cosmetics For Women

Not everyone in the beauty products industry is focused on safety. It’s all about making money for companies while they expect customers to sacrifice even their well-being in the name of looking beautiful. One notable exception to this mindset is BeautyCounter.

BeautyCounter is a brand in the beauty and personal care industry that prioritizes the safety of their customers—while still seeking to help them by producing the best beauty products. They’re not about paying lip service to ethics and to the law regarding safe ingredients for their products.

Instead, they go way beyond what the US laws and regulations require regarding safe ingredients and materials. Beautycounter doesn’t just ban the use of chemicals in their products that have proven to be harmful. They also don’t use any type of questionable chemicals at all. They offer beauty products as indulgent as any of their competitors. It’s just that they don’t indulge any risk of harm to their customers at all.

BeautyCounter isn’t just starting a trend in the fashion and personal care industry. They’re starting a veritable movement in the emphasis on health and personal safety. They’ve entered into partnerships with independent Consultants, from working students and recent graduates to working moms and empty nesters eager to join the workforce.

But their job isn’t just a job. It’s a mission they share with BeautyCounter to spread their belief that sacrificing one’s health isn’t good—as it’s not even necessary at all. The products of BeautyCounter work just as well as any of their competitors’ products, except that with BeautyCounter, customers can feel absolutely sure that they will be absolutely safe. There are no harmful ingredients in their products, and even doubtful ingredients that have yet to be proven safe are excluded from their ingredients list as well. Customer health and safety come first, and Beautycounter can be absolutely trusted to provide such beauty products.

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