Saturday, May 28, 2022

Happiness in a Rice Bowl at Chego


If you’ve been paying close attention to restaurateurs and innovators in the restaurant industry of LA, you’ll recognize the name Roy Choi. Hailed as a genius by lots of foodies, he has quite a few amazing restaurants in his helm. Chego is a great manifestation of Choi’s passions and capacity as a cook and talent. Being an Asian fusion rice bowl eatery, it offers a plethora of flavors in each serving and you have to be ready for every savory bite.

Initially located in a strip mall before becoming one of those hip food truck eateries and then a popular tiny diner in Chinatown, Chego has definitely been building its following over the years. It won’t delude you that it’s a fancy eatery as it is located in a faded walking mall with sticky picnic tables for seating. However, after grabbing a bite here, you’re sure to come back for more, even if you don’t really eat rice. The combination of flavors is too unique to find elsewhere, so if you’re one to crave for specific dishes that you’ve enjoyed, prepare for another trip to Chinatown shortly after your initial visit to Chego.

What to order:

  1. Kung Pau Noodle Bowl – knife cut noodles w/ baby bok choy, chopped chillies, lemongrass and Thai basil
  2. Kimchi Spam Bowl – w/ butter-fried kimchi, Spam, scrambled eggs and baby bok choy w/ a touch of toasted sesame
  3. The Leafy T – fried chili garlic tofu rice w/ fried egg, Thai basil, water spinach and fried shallots
  4. Chubby Pork Belly – kochujang-lacquered Kurobuta pork belly rice bowl w/ fried egg, pickled radishes, water spinach, Chinese broccoli, cotija and peanuts
  5. The Beefy T – fried chili garlic beef rice w/ fried egg, Thai basil, water Spinach and fried shallots
  6. Steak in the Heart (dinner only) – prime rib sandwich on grilled ciabatta w/ wok-seared onions, roasted garlic Irish butter, parmesan and salsa verde

Location: 727 N Broadway Unit 117 Los Angeles, CA 90012 Phone (323) 380-8680

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