LeafLink Launches a Wholesale Management Platform That Connects Cannabis Brands And Retailers

LeafLink Launches a Wholesale Management Platform That Connects Cannabis Brands And Retailers

Online commerce is booming. Most of the platforms available cater to online shopping for a home and personal products. Leaflink is a platform that caters to a specific niche: cannabis.

Since November of 2019, two-thirds of Americans support the legalization of marijuana and it’s high time (no pun intended) that online businesses have the freedom to include this on their virtual stock shelves. 

LeafLink: Wholesale Cannabis Marketplace

It doesn’t help if the systems are outdated so Leaflink is dedicated to helping cannabis entrepreneurs streamline their efforts in reaching the two-thirds of the population who are eager to make this a legal part of everyday life.

Leaflink currently has systems in place for anyone who wants to build or get the exposure necessary for their brands to shine. The package for brands and distributors include order management, a CRM tool to increase and drive sales, reporting suite for entrepreneurs to review, and inventory tools for people who are assigned to the warehouses.

Leaflink also has systems for retailers. Similar to brands and distributors, they have an order management system, virtual shopping carts to help connect the fiscals from the customers to the products from the retailer. A messaging service is also available for the retailers to answer any questions from the customers. Leaflink also lets retailers have a sample request to test the products for quality assurance from the distributors. 

These systems are in place to make sure the network of entrepreneurs supporting the cannabis movement is strong and relevant. In their goal of helping people change perspectives about the plant product, they have to make a good image of the business. 

 Both retailers and distributors will have access to a variety of tools to track how much income they’re generating. Reports are also produced so that business owners will have an idea if things are going well or not, and for them to be able to adjust their strategies on time.

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