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From the Trenches: Interview with Dave Herman, Former Chief Data at Bird, Carey Ransom from OC4 Venture Studio

Don’t be a sucker for dumb money. Dumb money will eat your startup alive.  What is dumb money? Dumb money tends to be solely transactional. You provide equity, and the dumb money provides the cash. The deal is done.  Smart money is relational. Smart money provides value beyond just the dollars and cents. You want to find a venture partner that will provide a cash investment, of course. But you ...

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From the Trenches: Interview With Ruben Schultz, Co-Founder of Swoop

All companies face challenges. But when your company is built upon the premise of putting large groups of people together in small spaces, the challenges become even greater in the age of COVID-19.  But Ruben Schultz, co-founder of Swoop, appears more than up for the challenge. Swoop is an online platform for group transportation.  For vehicle operators, which are mainly small mom and pop shops, Swoop makes it easy to ...

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Finli Launches a Simple Payment App for Family-Centric Businesses

One of the most daunting parts of running a family-centric business is the management of administrative tasks involved in the process. Streamlining and organizing everything can be a bit overwhelming to do on one’s own and most of the software available today are quite pricey. So what’s a small business to do? Here’s where Finli will come in handy. Developed by Lori Shao, a mom of 2 and a veteran ...

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Mothership Launches Same Day Freight Delivery Service

There’s no secret as to how retail changed drastically over the past decade. Back in the day, we went to stores to get the stuff we need. Today, we only need to tap, press, and click and we can already expect our purchases in a day or two. However, with the stiff competition in e-commerce, consumers are now demanding faster processing and shipping times which is greatly affecting the logistics ...

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ModernAnimal Launches Next-Generation Veterinary Clinics

There may be tons of products available at the tips of our fingers for our pets nowadays, but veterinary services for them are not as accessible just yet. Vet care is seriously lagging, making it quite fussy for pet parents to better tend to their pets. And with the changing demands in the modern market, this just won’t do. Modern Animal aims to revolutionize the trade by offering the next ...

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WeeCare Launches Childcare Marketplace Connecting Families With Hand-Picked Educators & Caregivers

Many studies say that millennials aren’t having kids because they can’t afford childcare. Those who do, on the other hand, find it so difficult to find the right people to look after their little ones. It’s a major problem that shouldn’t be one in the first place which makes things a lot more frustrating. WeeCare hopes to change all that by creating a reliable childcare marketplace that both parents and ...

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50 LA Tech Companies Hiring During the Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 has impacted the economy throughout the country, resulting in layoffs, furloughs, and hiring freezes. More than 700,000 jobs have been closed due to the novel coronavirus, according to data from the Department of Labor. Nonetheless, a slew of tech companies are bucking the trend and instead, ramping up hiring efforts to meet a surge of demand for products and services during the pandemic. Here are 50 tech companies eager ...

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Your Ultimate Guide in Finding The Right Startup to Invest in

So you have been struggling with your search for the one startup to invest your dollars in? Have you exhausted all google web page results and still don’t seem to find any? Are you wondering where to find what would be the next Uber? Have you asked yourself, “maybe I have been doing something wrong?”. This guide is designed to help you unleash all the tools in your arsenal to ...

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The federal government relaxed restrictions on receiving blood donations from gay men and other groups as the country confronts a severe drop in the U.S. blood supply that officials described as urgent and unprecedented. Read on. Here’s your Daily LA for March 3, 2020. Happening in LA LA Startups Launch Effort To Buy N-95s For Local Hospitals A number of Los Angeles area startups--including GOAT, Scopely, Honey, Factual, TotSquad, and ...

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