Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Meet Flo, A Smart Home Device That Monitors And Controls Your Home Water From Your Phone


Water conservation is an issue that affects everyone, and it’s not as trivial as you may think it is. Aside from the environmental aspect, there are financial issues too, especially when you waste water at home. At the very least, your water service expenses increase. What’s worse is when your home suffers leaks, and your home undergoes water damage that can be terribly expensive to repair.

The Flo device is installed on your main water supply line, and this single device is enough to monitor everything important. It tracks your water flow, the water pressure, and the temperature as well, and it does all these in real time. The device also runs automatic tests to detect any potential problems, and if there’s a problem it can automatically shut off your water to immediately stop the waste of water.

With the device comes the app, where you get all your data. You get facts about your water usage in real time, and with it you can set your water conservation goals. You can control the Flo device and you’ll be alerted through the app if there’s an issue.

The app senses even the smallest leaks, and now you can isolate the pipes and fixtures with the problem. You get daily reports on your water usage, and you can set the app to Sleep or Away modes to match your conservation needs. This doesn’t just warn you about leaks, as if there’s a problem then the app can automatically shut off the water to minimize the water damage.

This has garnered praise from experts in the industry, and it has been honored at the CES 2018 Innovation Awards. It may cost you $499 at the start, but your savings on your home insurance policy may exceed this amount. The fees continue at $44 a month, but the savings you enjoy by protecting your home from leaks will be so much greater. With Flo, water leaks can be a problem that has a ready solution.

Try it out yourself, download it HERE

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