Bumo Launches Modern Child Care Services for Busy Parents

Bumo Launches Modern Child Care Services for Busy Parents

Parenting is a separate commitment from a job. It requires more consideration and each decision you make will not only impact you but your children too. That’s why getting information from reliable sources is very important for would-be parents and for those who already have their kids.

Think of Bumo as a magazine subscription, but paperless. It’s an online resource for millennial and Gen Z parents that are looking for information regarding parenting. This is very important in today’s world as most workers from these two generations are heavily involved with technology. So why not make use of these mediums to get the necessary information on parenting?

Bümo provides child care services (and co-working spaces) to make life easier for busy parents.

Founded by Chriselle Lim, Bumo’s goal is to provide relevant and timely information on parenting for working individuals. Chriselle Lim was raised in a traditional parenting style and progressed her career digitally. She thought it would be best to give other parents a means to connect and share their practices with each other.

Bumo requires its members to sign up on the website first and they will be given instructions on their emails. Every week, members are sent very useful parenting hacks and professional advice. And by professional we mean there are child physicians, child psychologists, nutritionists, and other licenses professionals from all around the world.

Bumo covers a range of topics from wellness, to entertainment, managing finances as a parent, education for children (which also includes play), and inspiring stories. Bumo has BumoDigest, which features parents’ experiences with raising their children.

It’s a more contemporary approach to parenting forums in a more pleasing format. It’s very useful now especially that the pandemic has forced everyone to keep to their homes. Back then, the only information on parenting was by word of mouth and that required you to talk to your neighbors in person. Bumo removes that barrier and connects parents all over the world.

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