Clutter Lets You Store Extra Stuff Without Actually Leaving Your House

Store extra stuff without actually leaving your house with Clutter

Everyone is some kind of hoarder. That’s why we all get admonitions about how we should declutter our homes and remove things that we don’t need anymore. These things just take up too much space and they can make your home look messy.

The problem is that many of us find it hard to get rid of our old stuff. The traditional solution to this problem is to use a self-storage facility, but that brings up a new set of problems. You have to pack and bring up your stuff from your home into the storage unit. You may then forget exactly what you have in those units. Security is also an issue.

Now Clutter offers a better storage alternative so that everything’s easier for you. This time, Clutter comes to your home with a van full of movers and transport boxes. Each item is photographed and even barcoded. These people pack your stuff up and transport them to their secure facilities.

You won’t have to deal with the hassle. That’s always a relief, especially when you have to have your furniture moved into storage. While you can pack the stuff up yourself, the Clutter movers can also do that for you so that items like your high-end electronics can be transported safely.

You can just check your Clutter account to view your stored items. Security is a big deal at Clutter, so you can’t visit the storage facilities. In fact, they even have a limited security warranty policy with $1,000 and $2,500 protection plans.

You can always have an item back, simply by scheduling an appointment as to when you want any particular item returned to your home. If you have newer stuff to put into storage, you can then just have the folks at Clutter come in and pick it up from your place.

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