Saturday, May 28, 2022

Greycroft: The Leading Venture Capital Firm Focused on the Internet & Mobile Markets


For startups in the Internet and mobile industries, Greycroft may be the venture capitalist firm that can help you grow from the ground up.  They have offices in both NYC and LA, and focus on small, early-stage funds. They do have a separate fund for growing companies at any stage. Greycroft is known for its friendly requirements, as they don’t have a minimum ownership requirement. Greycroft doesn’t even require a board seat.

Greycroft has two funds to work with. First is the Greycroft IV venture fund with $204 million. This fund starts with $100K to $5M as the first investment and can go as high as $10M in succeeding rounds. Second is the growth fund, beginning at $10M and going as high as $35M.

The relatively small sizes of their venture funds are intentional. This is so they are able to support any sort of outcome. In fact, Greycroft’s trust in the companies they invest in is so absolute that they’ve never voted against the management on exit.

They are also highly flexible in requests and requirements, which can assuage entrepreneurs who are wary of investors asking for too much. Greycroft doesn’t have rigid requirements when it comes to such things as investment size, percentage of ownership, or even if board seats. These lax requirements enable them to bring together syndicates of investors that would not have been possible with more traditional requirements.

Greycroft also focuses on the long-term. They offer not only seed money, but real assistance and guidance over time. With Greycroft offering sage advice and real support, the companies they invest in are able to truly succeed in their missions. They have a huge network of connections in the tech and media sectors, making it possible for them to help the companies they invest in to become more visible, build more fruitful partnerships, and to arrive at a successful exit.

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