5 Must-Have Qualities of a Recruiter

5 Crucial Qualities a Good Recruiter Should Have

Recruiters are the middlemen between companies and job applicants. Companies may rely on recruiters to fill up their job vacancies with qualified workers as quickly as possible. Job applicants may also work with recruiters to get a job more easily.

But what if you wish to be the recruiter? You can work as a freelance recruiter working for various companies, or you can work as an employee or on retainer for a company.

Qualities a Great Recruiter Must-Have

If you wish to stand out as a recruiter, you better have the following qualities:

1. Social Media Familiarity

In today’s world, you will most likely find your qualified applicants online. The most important of these social media platforms are most likely LinkedIn, StackOverflow, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, and Facebook, so you better be able to connect with various people through this site.

2. Ability to Build Relationships

As the middleman, you need to build relationships with both the companies who seek your expertise and the job applicants who want your recommendation. If you have the ability to build relationships effectively, then it’s easier for you to attract corporate clients who will trust your judgment. In addition, you should then be able to get the notice and interest of the people you want to hire for your corporate clients.

3. Communication Skills

You may want to send an email to a worker about a job vacancy that they should apply for. If they’re currently satisfied in their current job, this may not be easy. But how you present your offer can at least pique the interest of your target.

Once you secure a meeting, your verbal skills should be good enough for you to present an alluring offer to tempt your target worker to switch to your corporate client.

Listening skills are also part of your communication skills, and they’re important as well. You need to be able to listen to your corporate clients so you can get a better sense of what type of job applicant they want for a position. In a similar vein, you also should listen to your job applicants so you can better predict if they’re the right fit for the open position.

4. Time Management Skills

When you’re working as a freelancer, you can have several corporate clients and you better make sure you give each one of them the time they need. Even if you just work for a single company, you may be tasked to fill up several open job postings. So you better recognize which jobs should be your priority.

5. Reliability

Companies rely on you to make sure that you get a qualified applicant for a job within a given time frame. If they can’t rely on you, then you’re not doing them any good.

In fact, reliability is so crucial that freelance workers are only paid on commission. They’re paid a percentage of the annual income of the newly hired worker. So even if you search long and hard for applicants and none of them pan out, you don’t get paid at all.

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