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9 Best Recruiting Software Every Recruiter Needs

9 Best Recruiting Software in 2021

We continue to hear how recruiting is a challenge and independent research has proven it. In this research report that was published last year by the Society for Human Resource ...

Best Tech Recruiters in Los Angeles

15 Best Tech Recruiters in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the third-largest startup hub in the world, behind Silicon Valley and New York. And it’s growing by leaps and bounds. Now home to SnapChat (a.k.a. Snap), Ring, ...

5 Crucial Qualities a Good Recruiter Should Have

5 Must-Have Qualities of a Recruiter

Recruiters are the middlemen between companies and job applicants. Companies may rely on recruiters to fill up their job vacancies with qualified workers as quickly as possible. Job applicants may ...

5 Things NOT to Say to a Recruiter

5 Things NOT to Say to a Recruiter

The nice thing about a great employment rate in the country is that there’s a greater demand for your services and skills. That may lead to a competing offer from ...