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COVID-19 Pandemic is Forcing Businesses Resorting to Artificial Intelligence Customer Service

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to halt the world, rattling businesses and obliging people to stay at home, the call center locations are being inundated with an unparalleled influx on the number of calls they are receiving. Just these past few days, several businesses from a variety of industries have reported having a slowdown. The financial industry has been reported by customers to have very long waiting times and, in ...

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Learn How Retina Uses Artificial Intelligence to Turn Enterprise Data Into Insights

The right kind and amount of data can make or break a marketing campaign. It’s the lifeblood of the industry, making it essential for marketers to find the best ways to find and generate the info that can help them create a solid marketing plan. The problem is, they’re not always readily available and interpreting them can also be an undertaking. Designed to help businesses save hard-earned money from unproductive ...

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Pearl Launch New Wave of AI-Powered Dentistry Tools

If there’s one industry that has greatly benefitted from the advances in recent years’ technology, it would be healthcare. Automating various processes, from medical procedures to administrative tasks helped the trade more efficient, advanced, and capable of making breakthroughs that lead to improving people’s lives. However, there’s still so much room for progress, especially in the field of dental care and that’s what Pearl wishes to explore. The main idea ...

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Interesting Facts About AI and Data Science - Execs Should Know

Nowadays, more and more people are excited about Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s not just about developing a chess engine that can beat champions and grandmasters. AI can be used for so many ways in business that people are still trying to catalog all these methods. With AI, you can personalize your website so it’s more interesting and useful, create content that your potential customers will find engaging, and analyze people’s ...

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Cylance is Revolutionizing Cybersecurity With AI Based Solutions

Cybersecurity is one of the most complicated problems that everyone has to face right now because we all use computers. Businesses need to protect their computers to secure their data and to keep their operations running smoothly, and even homeowners can afford to have their PCs hacked. Yet most cheap security solutions are woefully inadequate, as they don’t employ the necessary technology to keep up with the ever more advanced ...

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Keep Your Connected Home & Business Safe From Cyber Threats With The CUJO AI Internet Security Firewall

Criminal hackers represent a real threat to everyone. They don’t just hassle big businesses. They’re a threat to small business too, and even to just regular homeowners. Any computer that’s connected to the Internet is at risk, and often the usual Internet security programs aren’t enough. You may need Cujo instead. Cujo has grown bigger than ever and now the Cujo AI protects 25 million households. The hacker threat is ...

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Boundless Mind Makes It Easy To Hook Your Users

How do you make a successful app? The simplest answer is that you make an app that’s habit-forming for a huge number of people. But how can you do that? That’s where Boundless Mind and its AI software come in. As a developer, you can’t just blindly trust your guesses as to what your potential users will like on your app. You have to know. That’s why you have tools ...

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