5 Top Skills You Need to Be a Successful Product Designer

5 Top Skills You Need to Be a Successful Product Designer

If you’re a designer, then you most likely have a website of your own where you can show off your portfolio. While this is a crucial element that you need to impress potential employers with, you also need to think about your resume. As a graphic designer, you may have focused too much on how your resume looks that you may have overlooked mentioning skills that would’ve helped you land a job you wanted.

Here are skills that you need to mention because numerous employers are looking for them:

Digital Design Skills

Obviously much of modern design these days revolve around digital concepts. It’s so basic that you may forget to mention your expertise in this area. So don’t forget to include the breadth of knowledge you have regarding digital graphic design.

It helps if you also mention all the graphics software you’re familiar with, the platforms you regularly use, and perhaps even the programming languages you know. If you don’t know any programming languages, start with basic HTML. Coding knowledge helps you work more smoothly with web developers because you understand the language and you know where they’re coming from.

Print Media

Despite the closure of numerous print publications, the fact remains that many companies today still rely on print media for many tasks, including marketing. Plenty of print ads are still found in flourishing magazines. Your knowledge of print media showcases your versatility, and it allows you to work with numerous brick-and-mortar companies like restaurants.

This means that your portfolio should include actual print material, such as brochures, package labels, and posters if possible. At least show that if you’re asked to do these types of traditional graphics projects, you can do so with ease.


Understanding how fonts are suited for various roles is one of the most basic skills of graphic designers. But you need to mention this just in case. In addition, you may want to stand out if you have an excellent understanding of fonts and lettering.

Show that you understand how different fonts work best for different tones and media in your resume. If you’ve developed your own font, mention that too!

Problem Solving

For many employers, the job is often viewed as a series of problems for which solutions are needed. You should demonstrate that you understand this perspective by defining a project by the problem it poses, and what your solution was to that problem. Mention this in your cover letter, and make sure that you feature this solution in your submitted portfolio.

Written and Communication Skills

While your job interview shows your oral communication skills, your résumé and cover letter display your written communication abilities. So at the very least, make sure that your resume and cover letters are proofed and edited so that they convey your thoughts neatly and clearly.

So if you possess any of these skills, make sure you mention them in your resume. If you don’t have any of these skills in your repertoire yet, then it’s time for you to develop these skills ASAP!

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