Arrive Outdoors, Launches Gear Rental Platform for Outdoor Adventures

Arrive Outdoors, Launches Gear Rental Platform for Outdoor Adventures

Thinking of exploring the great outdoors but worried about the amount of gear you need? There’s a long list of items you need to add to your equipment that they can get quite costly and will require a bit of storage space in your home. Can’t spring for both? Fret not because Arrive Outdoors got you covered.

Arrive Outdoors is a modern outdoor equipment rental company that offers ease and convenience to its clients. Its goal is to encourage people who are interested to enjoy the outdoors without any worries. They will take care of the tedious things for you, like gathering equipment and all you really need is to show up and have a blast on your getaway.

The idea behind Arrive Outdoors is a bit complicated for the uninitiated but it’s easy to grasp once you learn the basics. What they do is they rent out the equipment you need on your camping trip. Their goal is to make the equipment sourcing process less complicated for travelers. So instead of having to buy everything you need to spend a few days in the wild, Arrive Outdoors can just provide them to you.

They source it from suppliers and then send them out to where you want to receive them. You can choose to have the stuff sent to your hotel, AirBnb, or your home – anywhere in the contiguous US, really. This way, you don’t have to haul it long distances if you’re traveling to where you’re camping.

A major draw for their services is that the pricing is straightforward. You don’t have to pay anything to reserve the gear you need but you can change your list before they ship out. Returning the items is free as well, making it more convenient for you to just use their service than do anything else.

According to Arrive Outdoors, their clients can save up to 90% off retail. That’s a massive amount of savings and you won’t have to bother with storage. It’s also a sustainable way to enjoy the outdoors.

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