Beyond Limits Helps Industries Function Efficiently With its Human-Like Reasoning and Processing Prowess

Beyond Limits Helps Industries Function Efficiently With its Human-Like Reasoning and Processing Prowess

AI exists everywhere. Examples would be Alexa’s voice recognition technology and Google’s information tracking system. They address everyday individual needs. They’ve also been helpful in some businesses. But how about industries?

Beyond Limits takes Alexa (or Google)-level AI into major industries. We’re not only talking about manufacturing plants for products but the materials that let the world function. From gas, oil, and energy, to power and natural resources. They’re even venturing into healthcare and other AI markets. Finance would also be a good direction for Beyond Limits.

Beyond Limits’ intelligence system works via a “symbolic reasoner”. With respect to semantics and cognitive science, symbolic reasoning is how humans think. We associate a concept or a group of concepts with one object or symbol. Beyond Limits’ core is based on this process.

This AI system combines conventional AI methods like machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning, and advanced symbolic AI. Truth be told, symbolic AI has been around for quite some time. Connectionist AI, also known as neural networks, has gained more popularity in machine learning.

Beyond Limits’ specialty is its ability to explain the decisions taken. The AI system will show recommendations, reasons, possible risks, and other things associated with its output. Industries will benefit from this as it will save them time and money. Beyond Limits’ calls the effect of its AI system as RAI or revenue from AI.

Beyond Limits’ combines current data inputs by humans and uses historical data to make its decisions. Beyond Limits’ company uses the same AI technology to deliver important results even if data is lacking. The same concept has always been used before by NASA and this is what makes Beyond Limits AI systems reliable.

Beyond Limits’ currently has one active product and it is specialized in refinery operations. For more information about Beyond Limits’ AI systems, click here.

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