Mothership Launches Same Day Freight Delivery Service

Mothership Launches Same Day Freight Delivery Service

There’s no secret as to how retail changed drastically over the past decade. Back in the day, we went to stores to get the stuff we need. Today, we only need to tap, press, and click and we can already expect our purchases in a day or two. However, with the stiff competition in e-commerce, consumers are now demanding faster processing and shipping times which is greatly affecting the logistics industry as well.

In response to the pressing demands for the freight industry to keep up with the times, Mothership was created. This logistics tech startup is designed to connect shippers with local drivers for last-mile hauls to accomplish same-day deliveries. It’s designed to speed up the delivery process, allowing shippers and businesses to compete with next-day delivery services.

Mothership Launches Same Day Freight Delivery ServiceOriginally known as ‘Bolt’, Mothership was founded in 2017 by Aaron Peck, a co-founder of the startup Skurt which provided car rental delivery services. His experience in logistics gave him a solid footing in the industry so it’s not surprising that his next endeavor was to go all-in on freight services.

What makes Mothership an interesting concept is its dynamism. It’s designed to provide instant solutions to a business’ logistics needs and it certainly understands those requirements. They exhibit a great sense of urgency from the initial contact to the execution of the deliveries. So if you really want your freight to get to its destination right away, you can certainly count on their team.

With Mothership, you can expect to get various kinds of same-day services. You can get a quote within the day as they will calculate your rates right away on their website. This makes pricing one thing less to worry about. You can also order for freight services the same day, allowing you to get instant results from the services you’ll pay for.

There’s no need to worry about the safety of your freight as well. They have a stringent hiring process and you can track your shipment in real-time. They also provide instant proof of delivery, so clients can rest assured that their deliveries will get to their destinations safely.

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