Thrilling Launches a Marketplace of Curated Vintage And Secondhand Clothing

Thrilling Launches a Marketplace of Curated Vintage And Secondhand Clothing

Thrift shopping has always been a great way to score new pieces of clothing, especially for those who are looking for unique options. Nowadays, it’s also about sustainability and minimizing waste. What it will never cease to be, however, is an exciting activity, as you’ll always get surprised by your finds.

Unfortunately, scouring vintage stores and secondhand clothing shops is very time-consuming. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a blast, if you don’t have time for it, you can still feel stressed and not get to enjoy the activity thoroughly. If only there’s a way to find great pieces without tiring yourself out and spending hours on the process, right?

Thrilling might just be the very thing you’re looking for. In the simplest of terms, Thrilling puts vintage and secondhand clothing stores online to make their wares accessible without cutting out the beloved mom-and-pop shops. They do the grunt work in digitizing the offers of these stores, making them more accessible and expanding the size of their target markets.

What makes Thrilling different from the other online retailers that offer curated vintage and secondhand pieces is the fact that they don’t do buy and sell. As explained above, they’re an online marketplace for vintage goods. They work with the stores that carry such products by putting their inventory online so customers are still essentially buying stuff from mom-and-pop stores.

Because of this, it can also be said that Thrilling is more than just an e-commerce platform. They also provide opportunities for traditional businesses to go online without the hassle that comes with it. As a result, it gives visibility to their partner stores and it makes thrift shopping simpler for consumers.

As of early 2020, Thrilling has already more than 50 partner stores from across the country. They also carry special events and collaborations from time to time, so there are truly lots in store for the fashionable, conscious buyer on this website.


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