16 Best Places In Los Angeles To Take Stunning Sunset Photos For Your Next Instagram Post

16 of the Best Places in LA to Take Stunning Sunset Photos For Your Next Instagram Post

There’s something so charming about the sunsets in LA that there are even tons of songs written about it. According to Instagram’s collected data, it’s also the most popular city for sunsets. Fortunately, there are also lots of great places where you can catch it. There are also lots of great spots to capture it if you’re thinking of capturing a beautiful scene in a marvelous photo.

So where should you head off to enjoy a stunning Los Angeles sunset? Here are some of our top suggestions:

The Getty Center

Lots of people recommend going to the Getty Center in the afternoon. For starters, it’s less crowded during those times and parking gets cheaper. There are also events hosted in the venue by nightfall. What others get pleasantly surprised about, however, is how stunning the views get at the end of the day. The 360-degree scenery on top of the Santa Monica Mountains will definitely give you something to photograph by sunset.


Santa Monica Pier

A quick search of the terms ‘Santa Monica Pier sunset’ will give you thousands of breathtaking snapshots of the boardwalk bathed in warm orange lights in purplish-blue skies. The iconic boardwalk also makes the photos more striking and distinctive, letting viewers know that the photo is taken in the City of Angels. With these, you can be guaranteed that the Santa Monica Pier is a great place to take sunset photos.

OUE Skyspace

Being the tallest open-air observation deck in the state, you can get unobstructed views of the city at OUE Skyspace. With this alone, you can already tell that it’s a great space for the most stunning sunset photos. You can also take on its 45-foot all-glass slide if you’re feeling a bit adventurous.


Runyon Canyon Park

If you don’t mind crowds, the Runyon Canyon Park is also a picture-perfect spot that’s also very accessible to LA locals and visitors alike. Being the most popular hiking destination within the city, prepare yourself to take on some challenging terrains to get the best shots, however.

White Point Beach

Featuring steep bluffs and rocky shorelines, White Point Beach is another hidden gem where you might be able to take sunset photos in relative ease. It’s a spot barely known apart from locals so there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find good unique angles for your shots. Here, you’ll get to capture ‘cool’ sunsets and colorful views by sundown.

Venice Canals

The Venice Canals are already interesting on its own but sunsets here tend to feel more magical. Depending on the time of the year, you can capture some fairytale-like sunset scenery here. More things to do in Venice, here’s the list.


Rooftop Bars

If you don’t want to go out of your way to take sunset photos, you can also just head to one of the many rooftop bars around the city to snap a gorgeous pic or two. Choose the ones with great locations and strategic heights, though, so you’ll get a nice view of the horizon. Some of the most popular spots include the High Rooftop Bar at Hotel Erwin, Perch, and The Roof on Wilshire among many others.

Manhattan Beach

Another picturesque destination in LA is Manhattan Beach. In fact, this place is popular among photographers so you won’t go wrong with this place. Also, check out these 13 Best Restaurants in Manhattan Beach For Lunch

Griffith Observatory

Cap off your fun visit to the Griffith Park by heading up to the Griffith Observatory and taking some gorgeous photos of the LA sunset. Thanks to its advantageous position, it’s pretty much the best spot to view and take photos of the sunset with the city as your backdrop. If you want other angles, you can easily find tons of other great spots in the area as well.


Ascot Hills Park

Considered by many as a hidden gem, the Ascot Hills Park can be the perfect place for sunset photos. Why? For one, it offers the city’s skyline as a backdrop to some greenery. It’s also less crowded than lots of other public spaces in the city, so you might be able to take your snaps in peace.

Point Dune State Beach

If you want your sunset photos to have some fun elements to it, head to Point Dune State Beach. Here, the occasional flying plane, surfers riding the waves, and dolphins swimming about can make your photos look more exciting.

Terranea Bluff Top Park

Offering views of rocky shoreline and the Point Vicente Lighthouse, certain areas of this park is also a fantastic place for taking sunset photos. Terranea Bluff Top Park is widely popular for viewers and photographers alike because the lights turn a magnificent shade as the sun goes down.


Malibu Beach

Aside from the gorgeous views, you can also photograph a pod of dolphins or some sea lions playing around at the right spot in Malibu Beach. You also have tons of great options for such as there are just so many great places for photography in the area. You can stay on the beach or head to one of the beachside hotels for a more comfortable setup.

El Matador Beach

Despite its small size, most of the rocky, cliff beaches in the area will look amazing in photos. You can also enjoy some variety in the scenery as there are grassy areas in the vicinity. So if you head to the El Matador Beach, you might be able to get seaside and meadow shots in one evening.

Dodger Stadium

Yes, you’ve read it right. The Dodger Stadium can also be a marvelous spot for sunset shots. In fact, some photographers even find the parking lot a good place for photos. Others take one of the seats in higher boxes to get a good shot of the sky and the stands.


Korean Bell of Friendship

There are quite a few interesting things that you can photograph at the Korean Bell of Friendship spot as the sunsets. The view of the horizon is particularly stunning here but you can also focus your lens on the gorgeous historical landmark found in this venue. While bathed in various colors, the bell’s structure will make you feel like you’re somewhere in the Far East and not on the West Coast.

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