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Aircam Let’s You Easily Share Photos at Events

Living in the moment nowadays also involves sharing photos in real-time. Doing so, however, can take people away from the party as some might be too engrossed in taking snapshots of an event instead of enjoying the celebration. Some will argue that this is the very reason why professional photographers are hired. But since they can’t really send you the photos they took right away so you might still want ...

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16 Best Places In Los Angeles To Take Stunning Sunset Photos For Your Next Instagram Post

There’s something so charming about the sunsets in LA that there are even tons of songs written about it. According to Instagram’s collected data, it’s also the most popular city for sunsets. Fortunately, there are also lots of great places where you can catch it. There are also lots of great spots to capture it if you’re thinking of capturing a beautiful scene in a marvelous photo. So where should ...

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