AuditBoard Launches a Unified Platform to Streamline Your Company Audit, Risk & Compliance

AuditBoard Launches Unified Platform to Streamline Your Audit, Risk & Compliance

If you’ve worked as an auditor, you know there will be a lot of paperwork involved. Small businesses will have small teams to monitor everything. It’s already complex at that level. What about big businesses?

Having a big team of auditors means everything is monitored and reports come in every day. The only problem with having more people work in auditing is the possibility of human error. This occurs more often in larger numbers, and it’s not going to help if everybody’s not in the loop.

All-In-One Audit, Risk & Compliance Management Platform

Auditboard is a software designed to help with paperwork organization and risk assessment. An effective auditing team makes sure everyone in the company plays their role of following rules and regulations. It’s a lot to track and making auditing electronic will make the process easier for the auditing team.

AuditBoard Launches Unified Platform to Streamline Your Audit, Risk & Compliance

Auditboard offers 5 software packages to help your IA team do things better and faster. SOXHub is one of these software packages. It’s designed to help your business have better visibility and transparency with compliance in real-time. Documents will be easier to modify and there will be a lesser-to-none risk of giving outdated memos. It’s also easier for operations leaders to make sure everyone is updated.

OpsAudit is AuditBoards bread and butter. It specifically caters to internal auditing teams that have had issues with being consistent. (Inconsistency happens to anyone, sometimes). OpsAudit will centralize the process, making sure all auditors will have the same information. They will also share the same database for submitting reports instead of assigning randomly decided persons in the department. This eliminates the redundancy for reporting and should help save time and money.

AuditBoard also has RiskOversight, WorkStream, and Compliance. Each is dedicated to a specific function in the administrative side of businesses. If you think your company needs an upgrade to its efficiency, AuditBoard’s software packages may be a good thing to consider.

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