Test and Treat UTIs From Your Smartphone With Scanwell

Test and Treat UTIs From Your Smartphone With Scanwell

When you really think of it, certain medical tests can be significantly simplified with the right technology. If people can learn right away whether they’re pregnant by just peeing on a stick, why can’t they find out if they have an infection by doing the same thing?

Well, now you can do exactly that with Scanwell Health. This digital healthcare company offers at-home urinalysis testing so you can find out if you have a urinary tract infection in just two minutes and get treatment within the same day.

Subscription to their service will give you a test kit and a smartphone app. The app will use its computer vision technology to process the test strip which makes it possible for users to get instantaneous results. You can then opt to get an online appointment to get a diagnosis from the company’s partner healthcare providers right after you receive your diagnosis.


Aside from the quick results, Scanwell Health’s services are also affordable. You just need to pay $15 to get 3 UTI kits that will include a test strip, instructions, and a color card. These strips are of the same quality like the ones used in hospitals, urgent care, and emergency rooms so you can be guaranteed of accurate and reliable results.

Setting up an online appointment will set you back $25 but you can opt to not get that service and see your doctor instead. If you choose to do so, however, you can get treated right away and skip the waiting room entirely.

It may not seem like a serious disease, but over 150 million people around the globe get UTIs per year. This makes it one of the most common bacterial infections there is. It’s treatable and may not even be too much of a nuisance if diagnosed right away. Scanwell Health is simplifying the diagnosis and treatment of the disease which can help improve public health and somehow lighten the burden of the healthcare industry.

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