FlipFit Launches a Social Shopping App That Allows Shoppers to Try on Clothes at Home

FlipFit Launches a Social Shopping App That Allows Shoppers to Try on Clothes at Home

For most of us, shopping for clothes is a social activity. We drag a friend, family member, or special someone along while we look for nice items to expand our wardrobes. Others’ honest opinions on whether something looks nice or not can really play a huge impact on most folks’ decision-making processes.

However, with the rise of e-commerce, shopping for clothes has become isolated. Sure, you can still share the links and photos of the items you wish to purchase but you can’t really try it on before purchasing. This makes it hard to gauge if the fit will look on you or not. And even with returns possible, it’s such a hassle that some folks end up with a large pile of clothes they’ve never worn. It’s also not as immersive as hitting the stores and going out with someone else.

FlipFit aims to address such concerns by combining social media with e-commerce. The goal of their service is to reinvent the online shopping experience in the area of fashion.

How exactly do they do this? They have two general approaches. One is by utilizing its users’ online behaviors to recommend pieces that might work for them. The other is by allowing users to get a number of pieces at one time then let them send back the ones that didn’t fit or they didn’t like.

FlipFit Launches a New Social Shopping App, Allows Shoppers to Try on Clothes at Home

In Flip’s platform, users can select pieces for their digital wardrobe, vote on selfies of others to help them know which looks work for them, and upload their own selfies to share their new looks to friends and other app users. The team will then base their product suggestions on the data collected through such activities.

Once they’re ready, users can then check out the products they liked then try them on in person. They can then get feedback from friends and family and get the feel of the products. If some pieces didn’t work, they can be sent back without too much fuss.

In short, Flip is a whole new approach to fashion e-commerce. It’s onto something and it might just be the very service that can translate your brick and mortar experience to your online one.

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