BlueFever, An Emotional Support Text Service For All Your Feels

BlueFever, An Emotional Support Text Service For All Your Feels

Teenagers constantly struggle with the tricky situation they’re put in and that’s a fact. It can get overwhelming, confusing, exciting, maddening, and everything else in between. For most of them, an outlet is necessary to keep themselves centered and stay at peace amidst the chaos. Everyone, however, needs some kind of a support system to get through it all.

BlueFever’s creators, Lauren Tracy and Greta McAnany made one in the form of a digital big sister who will curate the internet for their teenage siblings. She’s always ready to listen and respond to their requests, offering comfort to those who need it.

Touted as a ‘friend who doesn’t judge’, BlueFever is an interesting concept that can do a lot. At a glance, it seems like one of those messaging services that is specially made for teens. Some call them an AI program while others consider them as a streaming platform. With a large amount of content they curate, some put them in a very vague box of a content platform.

BlueFever is actually all of these, but it’s the key feature, really, is its focus on authentic human emotion. Its goal is to help users ‘grow their Glow’ which is a state of being one’s absolute best. With the help of the empathetic digital personality known as ‘Blue’, this program will help users navigate life in general with the help of inspiring and comforting words, uplifting content, and genuine support.

How does it work? All one needs to do is to text your mood using the right keyword preceded by the hashtag sign (#) and you’ll be able to talk to Blue accordingly. You can vent, get uplifting words, and just generally let them know what you want to share. Blue will then respond accordingly and help you out.

BlueFever is without a doubt a game-changing service that might just help young people in dealing with their struggles. Blue may not seem like an actual person but it might just be what some need.

Great service guys! Keep it up …

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