5 Simple Habits to Grow a Positive Attitude at Work

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A positive mindset makes life (and work) a lot easier. You can cultivate this positive outlook through 5 ways you can practice every day.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re feeling optimistic and positive, challenges seem to be easier to face and problems are more easily solved? In contrast, when you’re glum or tense, you tend to get tired a lot more easily and problems seem more insurmountable.

So how do you maintain a positive mindset day in and day out? You can do this through practice, so you need to make a daily habit out of the following methods:

1 Maintain a Good Balance between “Input” and “Output”

The output mode is when you’re working, creating, and doing. If you’re in constant output mode, it’s exhausting and you’ll eventually run dry.

That’s why you need to reserve some time for some input mode time. This is when you replenish yourself. If your body is a car, then output mode is when you’re driving an input mode is when you’re filling up the gas tank and letting the engine cool.

Reading is one way of gaining input. So are activities like listening to music and watching a great movie. You can meditate. Sleeping is a particularly crucial input mode as well.

Input mode activities help you to relax and refresh your mind and spirit. They invigorate you and help you to feel fresher to meet all these challenges that everyday life brings. You can’t always be in output mode—you’ll just burn yourself out.

2 Be with People with Positive Outlooks

Didn’t your mom always say that “birds of the same feather flock together”? That’s why she didn’t want you to hang out with the “bad kids” when you were younger. There’s a grain of truth behind this saying because people do often tend to adopt the same mentality as the friends and people they’re most often with. That’s why your mom was worried when you hung out with drinkers and drug users—you’re more likely to drink and use drugs too.

That’s also why you should be with those positive people most of the time as well. Having a positive outlook then becomes your normal mode, since everyone you hang around with feels the same way.

3 Find a Mentor

Find someone you respect who already has a constant positive outlook. Ask how they do it, and chances are that they’ll tell you their secret.

4 Keep At It

All these small things to help you feel more optimistic—you should practice them regularly. Make them part of your daily routine. After all, practice makes perfect!

5 Read a Lot

You can start by reading the news in the morning. You can read articles, blogs, or anything online or on paper. Just read something. Reading offers new info and gives you new ideas. It exercises your brain, and by constantly reading it’s like you’re priming your brain to be ready for work at any time.

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