21 Websites and Apps for Finding Last-Minute Travel Deals

Last-Minute Airfare Deals

Are you thinking of flying again? For many of us who haven’t traveled much, particularly by air, train, or boat, last-minute travel discounts are frequently a wonderful method to get out there.

Prioritizing is the first step in your low-cost travel plan. However, you probably already know how to do this with your regular day-to-day expenditures. Some individuals prefer a lovely home but are prepared to live in an automobile. Others live in cramped apartments in order to pursue their ambitions in exciting cities.

Whatever your choice may be, plan ahead and do your research to make sure you get the most out of last-minute travel deals.

Here are a few excellent last-minute flight booking websites that will help you find less expensive airfare on short notice when your plans fall through.

Best Websites and Apps to Find Last-Minute Airfare Deals

1 Orbitz

Orbitz is an international fare aggregator that searches for the best deals on flights, hotels, and vacation packages from major airlines and hotel chains. Orbitz also has a “Last Minute” section so travelers can find late availability bargains close to the departure dates.

2 Booking.com

Booking.com offers many different types of last-minute hotels. The best thing about their last-minute deals is that they don’t always charge extra for the last minutes’ availability like other websites do!

3 TripAdvisor

In addition to reviews of lodgings and restaurants around the world, TripAdvisor has a section called “Deals” where travelers can find last-minute hotel rates as well as vacation packages in various parts of the world including Europe and Asia. For example, this week there are last-minute deals for Paris, including the last-minute vacation package that includes accommodations at a four-star hotel with breakfast and return airport transfers.

4 Priceline

Similar to TripAdvisor, Priceline offers last-minute discounts on hotels as well as flights. If you’re not sure where to go or when to fly out then check their specials section before booking elsewhere for your last-minute trip!

5 Expedia

If you want an affordable last-minute deal without having to scour through the various pages of Expedia searching for one yourself, try this app instead. It will alert you whenever there is a new offer in your selected destination so it’s easy enough just to sign up once and wait for the last-minute deals to come through.

6 Hopper

This last-minute travel app, Hopper has a ‘predictive’ function that can alert you when your flight is likely to be the cheapest. The prices of flights are constantly fluctuating, but Hopper will tell you when it thinks those fluctuations are about to happen so that you don’t miss out on a last-minute flight!

7 Travelzoo

Travelzoo is one of the best last-minute travel websites on the market. It will send you alerts about last-minute deals for things such as flights, hotels, and tours that are coming up in your area. You can set these notifications to come through via email or social media so that you never miss out again!

8 Kayak

Kayak is another excellent last-minute website that will send you notifications about last-minute offers in your area. You can set the frequency of these alerts so that they match up with what you need most: whether it’s on a daily basis or only when there are last-minute deals near where you live.

9 Trivago

If booking hotels are more your thing then Trivago is a perfect option for finding last minutes hotel discounts as well as flight info if necessary too – making this site great for those who want to search two markets at once! The best part? It’s free to sign up!

10 FlightHub

FlightHub features the best deals on flights around the world, last-minute deals, and last-minute flights to destinations worldwide.

11 AirfareWatchdog

Airfare Watchdog‘s mission is to provide the best rates on airfares, with a free membership that will send you notifications about last-minute offers in your area. You can set the frequency of these alerts so that they match up with what you need most: whether it’s on a daily basis or only when there are last-minute deals near where you live.

12 Hotwire

Hotwire is great for finding the best deals on last-minute accommodation deals. If you’re someone who prefers to plan last-minute trips then this is the perfect site for you!

13 Travelocity

One of the benefits of Travelocity is that you can book everything together, or add-ons such as excursions after booking. Travelocity searches over 400 airlines and 1 million properties worldwide to display deals for your vacation.

14 Tripsavvy

Tripsavvy helps travelers find last-minute destinations through their extensive database of travel packages that include both hotel stays and airfare so you never have to search two sites at once again when booking last-minute trips!

15 Cheap Flights

Find last-minute flights to every destination in the world at Cheap Flights! They have a quick booking window of just 24 hours, which means last-minute airfare is no problem for this site. Check out their Deals page to find last-second flight offers as well as other great deals and discounts that are waiting for you.

16 Cheap Tickets

CheapTickets is great for last-minute travel because they’re committed to finding you the best last-minute deals on airline tickets. Simply enter your destination and departure date, and CheapTickets will find last-second flights for you.

17 CheapOair

For last-minute deals or for finding cheaper prices on flights, CheapOair is the best option. Their search engine guarantees you won’t miss out on a valid price and also provides travel options to save money in other areas such as hotels, rental cars, and tours.

18 SecretFlying

You are on the hunt for a great last-minute vacation deal, which can lead to hours of internet searching. SecretFlying app has deals that will be more than 50% off and can find errors in pricing as well.

19 Google Flight

Using Google Flights, you can find a cheap flight deal by locating your departure airport. With the map view, you’ll be able to see prices at various destinations around the world. If you know your destination but are flexible on when to travel, check out the price graph that shows how airfare costs change over time before buying.

20 TourRadar

TourRadar is an online travel agent that compares prices from over 40,000 tours operated by the world’s largest provider. TourRadar has 24/7 support and features early bird offers, last-minute deals, as well as buy 1 get 1 free for selected tours.

21 LastMinute.com

LastMinute.com offers last-minute flights, hotels, and car rental deals from all major providers. The best part is that you can book up to two weeks in advance for last-minute travel!

We hope you find this list of last-minute travel websites useful. If you know of any last-minute travel websites or apps that we should add to the list, please email them to us.

Have a safe travel!

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