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6 Best Mindful Staycation Ideas

Even before COVID-19 hit, many people had begun cutting back on their discretionary expenses, with one of the first cuts being annual vacations. One great alternative to your annual holidays is the stay-at-home-vacation, otherwise known as "staycation." What is a Staycation and What exactly do people do? A staycation is a fun blend of the words ‘stay’ and ‘vacation,' and it means just that- having a vacation where you already stay. ...

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Uber Riders in The U.S. Can Book Trips for $50 an Hour

Millions of people will be attending barbecues and fireworks activities in the U.S. on the Fourth of July. If you're one of them, traveling to your festivities will likely be a hassle. But, the good news is, Uber, the multinational ride-sharing company, recently introduced an option where riders in the United States can book an hour-long trip. This is the latest in the company’s series of offerings aimed at offsetting ...

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Tips to Travel Light For Holiday Trips

It’s not always easy to pick the right clothes to wear when you’re traveling on your vacation. Some part of your mind wishes that you can just bring your entire closet. Some people even do try this approach, which is why they’re stressed when traveling due to the numerous pieces of luggage they need to bring. But you can just pack lightweight clothes instead, and you can have a few ...

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7 Steps For Stress-Free Business Travel

Business travel can be stressful, but there are ways for you to reduce the inconveniences and maximize your work productivity. A lot of people don’t take long to realize that business travel can be difficult and wearisome. It’s bad enough when you’re worried about the outcome of meetings you’re planning to attend. But you add in how hard it is to sleep on a plane, to plan and pack for ...

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Stasher is Building What It Calls An Airbnb For Luggage, Opens in LA

Stasher, the innovative luggage storage solution that has been helping worldwide travelers lighten their loads, is now set to convenience thousands of tourists abroad after it launched a range of StashPoints in Los Angeles.  So far, eight businesses have signed-up to the Stasher network, providing luggage storage options near all major tourist attractions and transport hubs, such as LAX Airport, Downtown LA, and the Hollywood area. Positioning itself as the ...

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Living And Working in El Segundo, California

El Segundo is one of the oldest cities in the Los Angeles area. Conveniently located in Santa Monica Bay, the original settlers of El Segundo were the Tongva and Chumash Native American tribes. Today, El Segundo’s coastal location has made it the ideal home of 16,000 people and several Fortune 500 corporate companies. Its population statistics reveal that El Segundo residents are 66% Caucasian but there’s also quite a number ...

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Newbie’s Guide to the LA Subway

Everyone knows that you need a car in LA if you want to get anywhere. Unfortunately, that kind of widely held belief that resulted in the legendary LA traffic. If you want to get to your meetings on time in LA, then sooner or later you will have to park your car and get on the LA metro. So how do you go about it? Here are the steps you ...

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9 Great Places to Visit Near the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

You may not know this, but there are actually several excellent places to visit right near LAX. So these may be the places you may want to visit right away when you arrive. Or perhaps, you can visit these locations for one last enjoyable LA adventure before you leave. 1. In-N-Out Burger You’ve probably heard about the legendary In-N-Out Burger and how it’s the best fast-food burger in the world. ...

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