6 Best Food Delivery Apps You Can Use Amid The Quarantine

6 Best Food Delivery Apps You Can Use Amid The Quarantine

For the past few weeks, we have observed one of the most life-changing phenomenons that the human race has ever experienced. The COVID-19 pandemic did affect and changed the way we live our daily lives, since movement is restricted, more and more people are swarming into supermarkets to buy their supplies. How we get our food from our favorite places changed drastically too. Many restaurants are shifting their business model to takeout and drive-thru only. And of course, we also have that one fantastic resource we have never tapped into like ever before, food delivery apps.

Some people do have concerns about contracting the virus through in-person delivery. But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Coronavirus cannot be transmitted through food, and these top food delivery services are making sure that their customers are safe by implementing stringent no-contact delivery methods which make the delivery people leave the orders on the customer’s doorstep to avoid contact. To make sure that you are safe, though, you should still do your part and disinfect the outer packaging of the meal, and after doing so, be sure also to wash your hands.

Best Food Delivery Apps

In this day and age, with the advent of technology, even the Coronavirus pandemic can’t stop us from accessing the resources we need and want as humans. We have listed 6 of the leading food delivery services that never stopped operating so that you can still be able to get your favorite meals delivered to your doorstep.

1. DoorDash – Get Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Delivery

DoorDash is known to have the biggest collection of partner restaurants to choose from, and DoorDash also owns Caviar, so the exclusive places where you can get food from are also available on DoorDash. They are suspending the collection of commissions for 30 days for their partner restaurants and do not require them to pay any commission for pickup orders. Both Caviar and DoorDash implement a no-contact delivery policy to ensure the safety of their couriers and their customers.

2. Uber Eats – Get Fast Food, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, & Groceries Delivery

Just like how you can still get an Uber to get you places, Uber Eats can even fill your stomach without leaving the comforts of your home. Just like every food delivery apps on our list, Uber Eats also implements a no-contact delivery policy, and they are also waiving delivery fees for independent restaurants. And ultimately, they support frontline health care responders by delivering them food across the United States and Canada.

6 Best Food Delivery Apps You Can Use Amid The Quarantine

3. Postmates – Order Food, Drinks, Groceries

Postmates is one of the most flexible and creative delivery services on our list, they not only deliver your favorite meals, but they can also pick up other things like groceries and other goods. Therefore, Postmates can be your one-stop shop for anything goods-related. They are also available in a lot of cities, and to ensure your safety and the safety of their couriers; they are implementing a no-contact policy on delivery. And they even went as far as putting up a fundraiser to help their couriers who would test positive for COVID-19 cover the costs of their medical expenses and would be given paid sick leaves.

4. GrubHub – Pickup or Delivery From Restaurants

GrubHub is also implementing a no-contact delivery policy for their orders. To stimulate the market, they are suspending commissions up to $100 million for their partner restaurants to help them keep open during the pandemic. The catch, though, is that their partner restaurants must pay the accumulated commissions after the period is over, and they are given four weeks to do so.

5. Seamless – Order Food For Delivery or Takeout

GrubHub owns seamless, and they are also deferring the commissions for their partner restaurants to help ease their burden caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Transparent offers innovative features that you would expect to find from a food delivery app, quickly find new types of cuisine, new places, and also browse the popular sites people order food from. Seamless also implements the no-contact delivery policy.

6. Caviar – Food Delivery & Pickup from Local Restaurants

Caviar is the new boy when it comes to food delivery apps, so do expect the limited availability for the moment. The reason why they’re on the list is that they do offer exclusive places where you can order that you won’t find from other food delivery apps.

These six food delivery apps are by far the best of the best.

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