Saucey is Alcohol Delivery at The Push of a Button. No Delivery Fees. No Order Minimums.

Saucey is Alcohol Delivery at The Push of a Button. No Delivery Fees. No Order Minimums.

With our mobility seriously limited during these times, almost every purchase requires some thought. Something as simple as running to the store has its risks, so you really have to make wise decisions. Luckily, if you’re not sure something is worth venturing outside for, you can now easily turn to delivery services to do the small errand for you.

Almost every item has a specialized delivery app nowadays. Saucey is one of them and it’s primarily focused on alcoholic beverages. A lot of people may not really feel like stocking up on alcohol at home but can still feel like having a drink unexpectedly from time to time so delivery services can really come in handy.

Unlike other alcohol delivery apps, however, Saucey will not just buy and deliver a bottle for you. They offer a more holistic approach to the game which can explain why they’re doing really well despite the saturated industry.

What sets them apart is that their technology is somewhat more sophisticated than others. Instead of just forwarding the orders to the liquor stores for pickup, they use technology to further simplify the process. As their goal is to get you your drink at a drop of a hat, they use special algorithms and an inventory system that allows them to make their operations more efficient.

This benefits their suppliers immensely as well. Saucey provides them the technology they need to keep their inventory smooth-sailing, so that’s a nice benefit. The additional work involved in the development of the program benefits all parties involved in various ways.

Saucey’s pricing system is also hailed as one of the best. In fact, Forbes considers this service to have the best prices. Why? They’re very straightforward because they already include everything in the pricing. They don’t charge delivery fees or impose order minimums. They, however, add a certain amount to every bottle to cover the difference so customers don’t have to be bothered with the extra stuff. Their products still don’t come out too pricey, however, so they’re still among the best-priced options out there.

Lastly, Saucey donates for every bottle sold through their app. Their beneficiary is the NYC-based nonprofit, water, who helps deliver clean water to developing countries. So if you use their service, you won’t just be getting a nice buzz but you’ll also be able to somehow help out others at the same time.

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