Living And Working in Long Beach, California

Living And Working In Long Beach, California

The City of Long Beach in California is a large metropolitan city that’s home to over 460,000 residents. Next, to LA, it’s the second largest city in the Greater Los Angeles area, and it’s also home to the second busiest container port in the entire country. An industrial haven, the port of Long Beach moves over $150 billion in trade annually.

Originally, Long Beach was inhabited by indigenous peoples who settled in the coastal areas of Southern California. When Spanish explorers arrived in the 16th century, it was the Tongva people that they found in the area. In 1885, the Santa Fe Railroad, as well as the older southern Pacific Railroad, opened the area to so many more visitors, and this accessibility created a real estate boom. In fact, the years 1902 to 1910 saw Long Beach as the fastest growing city in the entire country. This was even before the port was established in 1911. It’s clear that then and now, Long Beach is one of California’s most important cities, because of the significance that it holds economically.

Fun Things To Do

The “Aquatic Capital of America,” from the name of Long Beach alone you already get a feeling that you will spend a lot of time with the sun, sand, and sea. The pristine waters and dramatic coastline vistas of the Pacific Ocean are enough to make your time in Long Beach memorable. This is where you’ll find Aquarium of the Pacific, which is the largest in Southern California that gets more than 1.5 million tourists in a year. You can also head to nearby Catalina Island, where you can explore an oceanfront playground, see wild buffalo, experience sailing or kayaking, hike inland trails, and go snorkeling to see the wonderful marine life for yourself.

In Long Beach, you can also find arts and culture in every corner. You get attractions like the Long Beach Performing Arts Center, the Long Beach Opera, the Art Theater of Long Beach, the Long Beach Museum of Art, and the Museum of Latin American Art. You can catch a number of cultural exhibitions and world-class performances, and you can even stroll around the East Village Arts District. Just take a look at the events calendar and check out what you can catch during the time that you will be there.

Aside from the beach and the arts and culture scene, history buffs will also enjoy Long Beach. If you love history you will definitely enjoy going aboard the legendary and World War II ocean liner and troopship, the Queen Mary. You can also go on board the Battleship IOWA, which is the only battleship in the West Coast that’s open to the public and a great educational attraction that can surely be enjoyed by the kids and kids at heart.

Other attractions that will surely entertain visitors include the Rancho Los Alamitos, Los Cerritos Ranch House, and the beautiful neighborhood of Naples, where you can explore the canals, go sailing, and enjoy the gardens and beaches. It’s also quite close to the amusement parks in Southern California that the whole family will surely enjoy.



Long Beach also has a couple of educational institutions that make the place even more ideal. The California State University Long Beach is one, and this is where you can find the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden as well as the Walter Pyramid. Long Beach City College, Pacific Coast University School of Law, Rhyme University, North-West College, and DeVry University Long Beach Campus are among the universities here. The Long Beach Unified School District serves most of the area, as well as places in the surroundings.


Notable companies

While there are many companies that have made Long Beach their home, the boom of the economy can be attributed to several key industries.

  • Because it is the second busiest port, the Port of Long Beach is actually a major economic force that has given rise to 30,000 jobs in Long Beach, generating $16 billion in wags that are related to trade. Having a seaport also means that Long Beach is critical in moving goods to and from the city, generating revenues for everyone involved.
  • Health care is another major industry that fuels that economy of the city. The VA Long Beach Health Care System is a top employer, with 2,480 employees in 2014. St. Mary Medical Center, Molina Healthcare, College Medical Center, SCAN Health Plan are among the other players in this industry.
  • Tech companies are big in Long Beach, and this technology is used in many different ways. One is aerospace, which continues to play a big role in the industrial landscape of Long Beach. Boeing is located here, and so is Gulfstream Aerospace. Laserfiche, Epson America, and Pioneer Electrics are other tech companies that have thrived here.
  • Education plays a big part in the economy of Long Beach, and the Long Beach Unified School District is the city’s top employer, with over 12,000 employees. California State University and Long Beach City College, on the other hand, each have more than 2,500 employees working in the system.

Economic – Why You’d Want a JOB Here

Choosing a place to work is dependent on many factors, and it will also depend on what you’re looking for. Long Beach is a very attractive destination for both tourists and potential residents, and it will only grow bigger and more vibrant through the years. The employment opportunities abound, but it’s also the location of Long Beach and all the picturesque views that make it a desired destination.

Moving your entire life to Long Beach requires a lot of adjustment, but the journey begins with finding the right job for you and excel in that environment. Check our Job page regularly for available opportunities that can match your background and qualifications. As you get a glimpse of what’s available in the area, you can now jumpstart your Long Beach journey.


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