4 Daily NBC Shows on SnapChat for 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics

4 Daily NBC Shows on Snapchat for 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics

NBC Olympics is once again partnering with Snapchat to provide Olympic content to US viewers eager to watch the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. 

This isn’t really the first time the two brands have teamed up to provide Olympic content. The first time was for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics. They then followed up with the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics, during which they improved the viewership stats. In 2018, they were able to reach more than 40 million viewers in the US, and that’s an increase of 25% from the 2016 stats. 

For advertisers, it’s also more noteworthy that the vast majority of these viewers (95%) were in the under-35 age bracket. 

Solving a Demographics Issue

Over the years, advertisers have realized a huge problem reaching the younger, under-35 demographic. This age group has increasingly abandoned traditional broadcast TV and even pay-TV subscriptions. Instead, they’ve gone to on-demand streaming services such as the famous Netflix. This change limited how advertisers can reach these younger viewers, and that in turn affect NBC profits. 

This particular partnership with Snapchat is a way to solve the problem. It’s extremely popular, with 210 million daily users. More importantly, it has a huge reach among young people who nowadays don’t watch too much TV at all. Snapchat is accessed by as much as 75% of the 13-34 age segment. It’s particularly popular with the 13-24 sub-bracket, with a reach of up to 90%. 

With this 2020 partnership, NBC expects ad sales to reach $1.2 billion. 


The Shows

NBC plans 4 daily shows for Snapchat, with at least 70 episodes in total. That’s a lot, as it is 3 times the number of shows the partnership offered in 2018. 

Two of the shows are Snapchat Highlights shown each day, offering exciting moments in each day in Tokyo. These will be updated almost in real-time. The other 2 shows are unscripted, and each of these shows will give viewers 2 episodes per day.  

This 3rd show is Chasing Gold, which is a format that first came out in the 2018 Winter Olympics. This show follows the challenges and events faced by the athletes of Team USA during the competition. 

The last show comes with a brand-new format. It is a daily report of the most unforgettable moments of the 2020 Olympics, and these moments are carefully chosen for Snapchat users. 

There are some bonus materials as well. Snap, as in previous years, will provide daily “Our Stories” during the Tokyo Games. This show features content coming from NBC Olympics, along with videos and photos sent in by fans. 

Increasing NBC Presence Online

Snapchat isn’t the only digital platform that NBC has partnered with to provide Tokyo Games content to US viewers. An earlier deal involved a partnership between NBC and Twitter. The agreement involved a daily show covering the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, with streamed live events along with highlights. 

This Snapchat deal is even bigger, and NBC is betting that they can get even more young viewers that their advertisers want to reach. 


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