Podcast: Jim Kwik on ‘How To Unlock Genius & Uncover Your Superpower’

Podcast: Jim Kwik on 'How To Unlock Genius & Uncover Your Super Power'

Growing up in an unfamiliar country, Jim Kwik had to relearn everything. Customs, lifestyle, manners – everything he knew at his point in life had to be reset. What he does best is sticking to a routine. He learned how to be consistent in his work, in addition to the discipline his immigrant parents had to instill in him as a child.

Jim’s parents already had concerns with the way he’s adjusting to a new culture. Relearning isn’t always easy, and Jim’s experience of a brain injury affected him in many ways. Even after recovery, he has to deal with the trauma he experienced. He discusses how he overcomes this and how he uses the experience to motivate him further.

Jim Kwik Explains Why Learning Is A Superpower

The brain injury isn’t just a reminder. Jim realized that unpreparedness can become more than a hindrance. This fear of how unpreparedness can set someone back allowed Jim to formulate ways for worst-case scenarios.

Jim also discusses how the current setup for the educational system needs modification. Preparedness is one of education’s primary goals. He talks about how he personally wants education to be done and how key areas affect an individual’s capacity for learning.

The education system hasn’t improved and Jim believes that challenging people’s beliefs about certain ideologies (not just how education works) helps them better understand how their mind becomes limited by the strict categorization. 

On the other hand, being able to categorize and identify yourself influences how you act and interact with the world and the people around you. Who you are essential means what you do, and other overt behavior that helps people understand your identity. 

Who knows? Your behavior may be that of a genius. Jim discusses what behaviors geniuses have and how a thirst for learning may be an indication of an individual’s capacity to be a genius. 

It’s fascinating to know about how learning is a superpower and a superhero trait. Jim discusses how habits can help you through rough times. He models this after superheroes being a symbol of hope, and how you can essentially give yourself a motivational boost by emulating these superheroes.



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