Launches an All-In-One Mobile Banking, Savings, and Investing Platform Launches an All-In-One Mobile Banking, Savings, and Investing Platform

The smartphone software market is saturated with a ton of apps. Apps are the equivalent of books nowadays, and getting the right one will help you a lot. Albert is one of these apps. It’s a productivity app for your finances. The trend for financial managing apps isn’t new.

Mobile Banking, Savings, and Investing – On One App

Albert is an app developed by Albert Investments, LLC. Their mission was to make an app that will help people make sound financial divisions. Whether you’re poor or rich, tech-savvy or not, Albert helps you make decisions easier.  Albert Investments believes that the best kind of service is one done by a human. They combined technology and sincere humanity into one amazing app.

So, what exactly does Albert do? Albert has four features that help with specific needs. There’s Albert Savings which helps…save. What it does is it will keep track of your weekly expenditure and calculate the extra amount you can save. Pretty neat, huh? Launches an All-In-One Mobile Banking, Savings, and Investing Platform

Before we move on to the other features, Albert’s dedicated human helpers are called Geniuses. They’re the customer service people to help you achieve your savings goals and other financial goals.

Albert also has 0.10% annual growth on your savings and when you enable Genius, it climbs to 0.25%. You earn money just by saving money!

If you find yourself short on cash, then Albert can provide a cash advance. You don’t have to go through extensive credit checks. There’s no interest and late fees. Your cash advance repayment will be on the next paycheck.

Albert also helps you lower your bills. There is an estimated savings of $250 per year. Your internet, phone, and cable bills can have a lesser amount. Just include details about the bill and Albert will give you updates. 

It’s a little app for productivity. But the money you save by using this app is worth the download. If you’re interested, click here to get the app.

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