Pod Launches Location-Based Social Networking Platform to Connect People Based on Interests and Location

Pod Launches Location-Based Social Networking Platform to Connect People Based on Interests and Location

Do we really need another social networking site? With everything sketchy that’s happening in all of the other major websites, many would say yes. Besides, there are many limitations to what the most popular ones can do.

Pod offers a different dimension to online social networking so it can be a solid alternative to what most of us use nowadays. Instead of just letting you meet people online, Pod is meant to help you meet people offline.

How is this possible? Pod is more of a location-based social networking website that is designed to help people with similar hobbies and interests and within the same area meet each other. It’s practically a tool for you to meet like-minded individuals near you.

Sounds exciting, right? While it will still make people meet online, the location factor makes it easier for users to transition into offline get-togethers. If you find people you click with through this site, you don’t have to worry about being on the other side of the planet.


Pod claims to be the “first social networking platform to put people on the map”. While this isn’t true since others before it have done the same thing already, the idea behind the website is still quite novel. It’s more general than other sites with mapping features and it has an interactive map.

This is probably its biggest advantage from the competition because users can easily see if there are other people near them with the same interests. This will then allow them to make quick connections and create a ‘Pod’ where they can engage with other Pod users.

Pod can also be used by businesses, allowing them to easily target their local market with efficiency. Advertising and event announcements can be done on the platform, giving small and medium enterprises a new way to better get their name out there.

If you’re one of the many Americans who have been struggling in meeting new people and making friends, signing up with this website might be a good idea for you.

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