Finli Launches Payment App for Family-Centric Businesses

Finli Launches a Simple Payment App for Family-Centric Businesses

One of the most daunting parts of running a family-centric business is the management of administrative tasks involved in the process. Streamlining and organizing everything can be a bit overwhelming to do on one’s own and most of the software available today are quite pricey. So what’s a small business to do?

Here’s where Finli will come in handy. Developed by Lori Shao, a mom of 2 and a veteran in the financial business industry, it’s designed to simplify every aspect involved in running a school, daycare, pre-school, and enrichment programs among other endeavors. If it’s meant to provide services and care for children, then it might find this comprehensive business management tool useful.

Finli will let users easily and efficiently take care of invoicing, enrolment, payment collection, and customer management just to name a few. With its flat-rate pricing, it offers a more economical option for small businesses that can’t go all out and buy similar software used by big schools and similar institutions.

But that’s not everything Finli offers. In addition to its services for businesses, it also has something for families. It also has a finance management and consolidation app for families that will allow them to pitch in and send their shares on bills and other fees.

This app works by listing down the items that require payment. The user can then send invites to friends and families that will let them pitch in on the fees without too much fuss. They can opt to contribute or reject the invite and there will be a breakdown on the app, allowing the user to stay on top of the money flow. As a result, it simplifies the process of keeping track of shared and family finances.

Finli for businesses is still on beta mode but they already have a waitlist open, so if you want to try it out, you just need to sign up on that. Finli for families, on the other hand, are already available for download in Google Play and the App Store.

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