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Start 2019 With a Happy And Peaceful Mind at Los Angeles Unplug Studio


Stress is a leading cause of health problems these days, with too much work for so many people but with so little time. To help in the war against stress, we have Unplug Meditation, a studio that has been making a lot of waves in the industry. In this studio, you can just drop in and learn meditation techniques from some of the most renowned experts in the country today.

Unplug Studio strips away the unneeded complications regarding meditative techniques, so that meditation becomes simpler and easier to learn. The technique helps you to unplug from the stresses of everyday life so that you’re able to breathe easier and shed away the tension in your body.


The studio caters to the needs of all ages, from kids as young as 6 to senior folks closing into a century. Meditation offers serious benefits after 8 weeks of constant practice, though you mays tart noticing improvements in as little as 2 weeks. Numerous clients have told tales of how their blood pressure has dropped, how their chronic pain was alleviated, their panic attacks eliminated and their happiness enhanced.

The studio also has a website counterpart, so that clients can learn online as well. The teachers do their best in guiding the clients to a state of calm meditation.


Suze Yalof Schwartz is the CEO and founder of Unplug Studio. It all started when she learned a simple yet powerful 3-minute breathing and guided visualization technique that replaced her stress with serenity. She wanted more of that.

This led her to search for a place in which meditation was easy to learn, but she couldn’t find such as a place with her schedule as a busy working mother. All the other options were costly and took too much time.

So she took it upon herself to establish a meditation studio. She did an exhaustive amount of research into the subject by reading every book available, attending hundreds of hours of courses and classes, and taking in lectures and podcasts from the best meditation teachers in the world.

She took what she felt were the most important facets to found Unplug. Part of the mission was to simplify the process so that people can simply tune out for a few minutes each day.


Suze may have begun what seemed like a simple meditation studio, but today it is an international hit. It’s not just the worldwide availability of the website that has helped thousands of clients all over the world. The studio itself has become renowned, so much so that people are flying in from all over the world to seek the epicenter of meditation calm in Santa Monica. People have come in from South Africa and Tokyo to learn.

What Unplug Studio proves is that there’s no need for mystical details to meditate. It can be simple to learn and to do. In today’s harried lifestyle, such a skill is crucial in keeping stress at bay.

John Diep
John Diep
Founder, Editor-In-Chief // A native Angeleno. John studied engineering at UCLA; founded Schmoozd, an offline social tech networking event in LA with 30,000 subs; ran a startup accelerator (StartEngine). Worked for several major brands like Toyota, DIRECTV, Hitachi, ICANN, and Raytheon. A mentor at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) Entrepreneur School, Dr. David Choi. And advises a dozen local LA startups building amazing tech in various industries; and invested in some. // Let's Connect:


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