OpenNode is The Easiest Way to Accept Bitcoin

OpenNode is The Easiest Way to Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin is steadily establishing itself as a legitimate form of currency in recent years so it makes sense that a chunk of the population now wants an easier to use it. While bitcoin has great value, it doesn’t mean anything if those who have it cannot spend it on real-world things. So to address this issue, technologies for its use have to become available.

OpenNode is one of the platforms that are positioning itself to be a simple, low-cost, secure, and instant bitcoin payment infrastructure. It aims to make the cryptocurrency more accessible to the general public, simplifying the use of the said form of currency wherever it is in the globe. It’s basically ushering in a new era of payments using the latest form of currency that has caught the public’s attention.

What exactly can OpenNode do for you, you ask? For starters, it automatically converts bitcoin to your local currency. The value is determined in real-time or on-demand for your convenience. This also prevents price volatility, protecting you from great losses in the process.

Since it’s also made to make the use of bitcoins simpler, OpenNode also functions as an e-wallet and a money management tool. You can use it to request and schedule payments, letting you automatically take care of certain tasks without too much fuss.

But aside from the use of bitcoins, OpenNode can let you make money as well. Its microtransactions feature will let you explore new and unique payment methods that have never been available before. It will also let you monetize such transactions for a very small amount, giving you a nice incentive in using the app.

If you need more reasons to give this service a try, maybe its low fees can do the trick. So not only will you get instant settlements, safe transactions, and convenient functionalities but you can take advantage of their services without having to shell out a lot of money in the process.

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