Podcast: Seth Godin on How Radical Empathy Strengthens Your Business

Podcast: Seth Godin on How Radical Empathy Strengthens Your Business

Seth Godin talks about radical empathy and how it’s a good foundation for your business. Businesses are started with the help of interpersonal relationships and businesses are made because of a need. Starting transactions with a focus on these two aspects ensures that there is a realistic end goal.

Most business owners have difficulty finding a market to sell their products to. But even if there’s no product need identified, simply using sincerity in any interaction is guaranteed to form business relationships that can be set up for sales in the long run. Seth Godin discusses how to form these relationships and how to create, maintain, and make them beneficial for both parties involved.

We need radical empathy to transact with others and engage in the marketplace – Seth Godin

But sometimes this isn’t enough. Godin says that finding a market with a specific scarcity has more value when addressed to. This podcast will help you find which market to focus on, as well as helping you identify scarcity in the most difficult markets. Of course, once you find a market there will be a competition and it’s usually wise to circle back to using human relationships as capital or method.

While setting up a business, Godin emphasizes the importance of asking yourself questions. These act as guides in planning your business and is involved in the hunt for a specific niche in the market. Questions like who is it for, what purpose it will have, or how your products become relevant in their story.

Any of these methods will work, whether it’s using strategic planning, using empathy, forming relevant relationships with your customers, the key to being successful is mastery. Godin says something along the lines of repetition until mastery. This maxim has always held true and extends into other disciplines as well, not just business.

Repetition until mastery is ideal but doesn’t let monotony hit you. Godin suggests that people should always strive to experiment with something unfamiliar, usually something that would be outside their comfort zones, and take note of people’s feedback. This gives an idea of what is lacking with their new business model or what its strengths are. Changes to the plan can then occur after a review of the process, including the feedback.

Seth Godin talks more about his success with business using empathy. Find out more on this podcast on how to sell using feelings and not facts, how victory can still be a victory no matter the magnitude, and all contexts related to the business of forming relationships. 

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