The Ultimate Guide to LA Coffee Shops with Free Wi-Fi

The Ultimate Guide to LA Coffee Shops with Free Wi-Fi

So you’re in LA and you’re working outdoors with your laptop. What you need to do is to find a nice coffee shop with terrific cups of java while you’re allowed to access the Internet free of charge from your laptop or smartphone. Luckily for you, they’re not actually hard to find.

Best Coffee Shops To Getting Work Done

Green Door Powered by Intelligentsia

Location: 714 E Carson St, Carson (web)

Just call it Green Door, and people in South Bay will know which place you’re talking about. The industrial look somehow prods you to focus on your work, and it’s spacious enough that you can breathe the vibe freely.

Patricia Coffee

Location: 108 Alameda St, Compton (web)

There are espresso and drip coffee options, but they also roast their own coffee. Talk about commitment. They’re committed to the nearby students as well, as they have special hours to enjoy the baling Wi-Fi.

Steeple House Coffee

Location: 13248 Roscoe Blvd, Sun Valley (web)

It’s quiet and pretty here, but that’s because you’re actually on church grounds at the Grace Community Church. The open hours start from 7 AM to 4 PM daily except for Sunday, of course. You can really work here as the place will never be boisterous.

Highlight Coffee

Location: 701 E Broadway, Glendale (web)

A lot of people consider Highlight as the best coffee shop in the Glendale area. You will need to come in early, as it’s not all that big and it’s certainly popular. In this sunny corner location, you’ve got students working on their papers on their laptops while locals drop in for coffee on their way to work. Try their pour over coffee and you’ll definitely taste the difference.

Rosebud Coffee

Location: 2302 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena (web)

Do you have a large group looking for a spot to work in? Try Rosebud Coffee where the Wi-Fi isn’t just free but very quick as well. The tables are large enough to accommodate your team and plenty of sunlight to keep things from getting gloomy. If it’s too warm, try their yummy iced coffee. It can even make you proud to spend your money here since the coffee shop is active in raising money for LA homeless youths.

Constellation Coffee

Location: 468 Foothill Blvd Suite B, La Cañada Flintridge (web)

You’ll love to visit here, and not only because there’s plenty of parking space. But the free Wi-Fi also comes with lots of great coffee options. You can try tea too, and there are scrumptious pastries as well. Come here to the sleepy side of town and work away from the distracting bustle of the city.

Rise N Grind

Location: 6501 Hollywood Blvd (web)

It’s located right on the Walk of Fame, and this corner coffee shop is a fave hangout of Hollywood creative artists busy with their laptops. It’s great to work with such people in the room, as it’s possible that talent can be shared through coffee shop osmosis.

The Assembly

Location: 634 N Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood (web)

This place doesn’t look like much. But the Wi-Fi is fast and the almond lattes sure hit the spot. That’s why you’ve got people filling up the place with their laptops, so you better come in early as well.

The Semi-Tropic

Location: 1412 Glendale Blvd (web)

Yes, it’s a coffee shop. But it’s also a bar if you’re that guy. But the truth is that very few people come in here to get hammered. They just want coffee and free Wi-Fi, but they also get tasty menu items in the daytime.


Location: 7623 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles (web)

This is the original Andante, and its corner location is a mecca for laptop creatives. It has just about everything you need. You’ve got places to plug in your mobile devices, large tables to give you elbow room to work, and super strong coffee to keep you alert. The ceiling is also high enough to give that airy vibe though of course, the air conditioning helps.

Document Coffee Bar

Location: 3850 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles (web)

The name alone should give you a hint that it welcomes writers and their laptops. You can’t be too antisocial here, though, as they’ve got long communal shares that you’ve got to share. It’s a very groovy place for creatives, especially with plastic buckets ads light fixtures.

Mega Bodega

Location: 1001 S Broadway #C, Los Angeles (web)

It’s a coffee shop by day where you can work, and when night comes you get to counter all that caffeine when it transforms into a bar. It’s roomy and simple, and free Wi-Fi is great.

Cognoscenti Coffee

Location: 1118 San Julian St, Los Angeles (web)

Actually, Cognoscenti has lots of locations all over LA. But it’s this particular location in the Fashion District near Rossoblu that’s all the rave for lots of people from the downtown area. The windows are tall, the tables are huge, and the Wi-Fi is super-fast. They take a lot of care making their coffee too.

Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen

Location: 4427 W Slauson Ave (web)

You’ve lots of comfy nooks to get to work in, and the Wi-Fi is free. What’s more, you have to try the coffee, especially the flat white and lavender latte. There’s even a chef preparing breakfast and lunch.

Good Boy Bob Coffee

Location: 2058 Broadway, Santa Monica (web)

Nobody really expected Good Boy Bob Coffee to be this popular. It’s in an out of the way alley far from the beach, after all. But the coffee is terrific, the Wi-Fi is free, and the delicious daytime food can keep you fueled for hours of creative work.

Coffee Commissary

Location: 3417 Motor Ave (web)

This is a fantastic coffee shop in Westside with excellent espresso and lots of seats indoors and outdoors. The music may be a bit loud, but it drowns out the chitchat around you.

Ignatius Coffee

Location: 1451 W Dana St, Los Angeles (web)

This coffee shop in South LA is housed in a small section of a Korean Catholic church. You’ll find it easily enough in the Adams-Normandie neighborhood, where you can work inside from 9 AM to 9 PM. There are seats on the outside and the Wi-Fi is fast as well, and you get to share the space with USC students.

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