AvantStay Launches Luxury Vacation Rentals to Travelers

AvantStay Launches Luxury Vacation Rentals to Travelers

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend a holiday witnessing sunset in Florida? Or maybe spend some time reconnecting with nature in Lake Tahoe? Wherever, and whenever you want to spend your vacation, AvantStay helps you get to your destination.

Luxury Vacation Rentals

AvantStay is a short-term rental service. It’s like AirBnB but deluxe. They offer high-quality residential spaces for your vacation. It’s a business model that makes use of real estate while some of the places are on the waiting list. Or maybe permanently for business.

AvantStay lets its customers pick a location and date on the website. There’s also a selection of houses you may want to stay in. All of them look beautiful in the pictures and there are anecdotes of customers claiming their stay was no less than excellent.

Due to the pandemic, this company only increased its standards for cleanliness. Guests will expect CDC-level standards in house sanitation. Bedding materials are checked for quality as AvantStay has its own team of people to make sure everything is prim and proper.

Customers will be happy because payments are available in installments. The company collaborates with nearby local businesses to provide them an experience. AvantStay also has a dedicated 24-hour customer service ready to answer guest’s questions.

Be it custom parties or high-class catering, AvantStay makes it possible.

The company doesn’t only focus on its customers. AvantStay helps house owners by implementing methods of consistent monthly cash flow. Anyone who wants to go into the rental business will have no problems getting occupancy. 

If the house is barebones (interior design-wise), AvantStay will do renovations. An empty living space can become a comfortable getaway for a family or couple. The interior designers hired are professional. This part of AvantStay’s service is free of charge for the owners. 

If you’re a guest or a homeowner looking to make use of this opportunity, you can visit the website here and get $100 worth of travel credits. 

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